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Search engine optimization is part of the strategy and techniques used for searching by visitors to gain traffic. The more visitors come to your websites, the more possibility to obtain a high ranking on google. 

SEO helps you to find out what kind of particular pages are and how to attract users. However, in the era of this competition, your website is less searchable. Every SEO company in Gold Coast believes that countless websites do not know how to rank on Google. 

We will tell you about some such facts by following which you can rank your website in less time. 


On-page SEO

On-page ranking can help you reach the top ranking, which will give you organic traffic for your website. 

  • Start title tags with the target keywords

When you think of writing an article, you should add the target keyword in the title; by doing this, your website can enhance the chances of getting a tremendous amount of traffic. 

  • Drop keyword in first 100 words

The ideal place to put the target keyword is within the first 100 to 150 words. Several bloggers prefer lengthy introductions before adding keywords, but there are many for whom this comes naturally. As a result, this has not been recommended since Google will find it irrelevant in the search results.

  • Put your target keywords in the URL

Keywords are fundamental to on-page SEO, and you must pay attention to them. They should be included in your URLs. There are benefits to inclusion. Google will see that you consider your article more relevant for that specific phrase when you assimilate your targeted keyword into the URL.

  • Use keywords in the article uniquely

A post’s success is highly dependent on how well the post’s keywords have been placed. The search engines are constantly improving, and you cannot just stuff your article with keywords and hope for relevance to appear.

  • Write long content

It is not only more keyword-rich but putting more emphasis on information is also a natural benefit of longer content. Longer texts are perceived as more authentic by Google, making them likely to rank higher than short, concise posts. Long-tail keywords may be described as search patterns

Off-page SEO

The off-page aspect of SEO is the process that extends beyond the site. The term off-page SEO is usually associated with link building. However, it encompasses a lot more. Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Build high-quality backlinks only

Links are one of the most valuable and most challenging SEO strategies. You cannot rank for competitive and highly trafficked keywords without high-quality backlinks. It is mandatory for you and your website to select high-quality websites for your products.

  • Blog commenting

By leaving comments on blogs, you build backlinks to your blog, increasing traffic to it. However, the process remains useful even though most of these links are worthless. Commenting will help a website get indexed faster if users create it. Blog commenting increases referral traffic.

  • Be active on social media

As far as Google ranking is concerned, social media doesn’t have a lot of weight. However, engagement on Facebook, Google+, and Twitter can increase the popularity and traffic of your site. You increase traffic to your blog when you post links to it on social networks. This might be a little tricky if you have an inexperienced team, so you can get help from an SEO company in Gold Coast for assistance.


To increase the recognition of your website, you should pay more attention to keywords. Use target keywords to tailor your content. You can also learn how to wordplay or use targeted keywords by hiring an SEO company in Gold Coast to work on your behalf.

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