Reasons why Future in SEO is Rising

Future in SEO


We all know change is the only thing that remains constant in our lives and is becoming all the more real in the current scenario. The pandemic has taken away our mental peace, along with that is forcing businesses to shift their focus to change SEO strategies and other areas.

3 Major Areas to Change in SEO in Future

SEO is an ever-growing and ever-changing industry. It is regarded as one of the most essential parts of any severe strategy for digital marketing. The SEO industry has walked a long way with so many predictions, some fulfilled and some not. But now it seems the best days are yet to come. Though it is difficult to predict anything, here are 3 major SEO areas that are going to see a massive change in the future starting from this year.

  1. UX to Play a Big Role

SEO or Search Engine Optimization was seen simply as a job distinctly for the IT team in the past. It was thought of as a mere technical job rather than a creative one. SEO involves a lot of technicalities, but it is a form of art at its core. SEO professionals of today need to have both technical as well as creative knowledge and understand,

  • How to optimize different websites?
  • How to put various contents?
  • How does the audience interact with the website?

User experience or UX is going to play a major role in search engines in the future. As the search results will become more customized, you must have high-quality content to avoid losing users. The content should be engaging and not informative.

2. AI to Run Search

Google has fixed its top three ranking factors for search results. But from the recent trend, it can be understood that AI is going to rule search results in the future. As and when machines learn about patterns and start to understand various kinds of web content, results will become more accurate. Think about your content, on-page SEO, and personal search. This will give you more ways and avenues for making digital marketing worthy.

3. AMP to become an Important Ranking Factor

Earlier, Google used to be operated from single documents indexes to pull search queries. But now it has two index pages, one each for laptop and mobile, the latter being the primary index. As we are progressing towards a mobile-first globe, the ways of searching, interacting, and buying is changing accordingly. Mobiles have become the dominant device for the audience and so it is being thought that Google will add AMP or ‘Accelerated Mobile Pages’ in their list of ranking factors in the future.

Top Trends in SEO for 2020

With the increase in online competition and the launching of new websites every other day, it is time for you to rethink your marketing policies and invest in good SEO plans to update your website. Websites need to meet certain specifications set by Google and other search engines where having good SEO strategies is crucial. The SEO trends change every year and you must know them to increase the visibility of your website. The top SEO trends in 2020 are,

  • Optimized high-quality website content.
  • Technical SEO and UX to determine rankings.
  • Mobile-friendly web pages to become important.
  • Data to be structured.
  • Snippets to dominate in search clicks.
  • Secure websites to rule.
  • Videos to be used as an information source.
  • The digital experience has become vital for users.

Reasons why SEO will Rise and Emerge in the Future

There has been a hike in the number of people using digital businesses in 2020. Many consumers have started using technology and digital platforms to make payments and for other services as for accepting the ‘New Normal’ scenario. The SEO industry is rising and emerging to be great in the future. SEO has proved itself to be the most potential digital marketing path for businesses to make investments. Here are a few reasons why the future in SEO looks promising.

  • Increase in Online Stores

The number of eCommerce websites is set to increase in the future and will become a vital platform to earn more revenue. As the world is going online, businesses will look for better SEO and digital marketing strategies to thrive and survive in the future.

  • The Growth Pattern

The future of digital businesses will be cemented by slow yet sustained growth with organic website traffic. Earlier, they had to depend on paid advertisements on search engines like Google and social media platforms. Today, eCommerce businesses are looking towards getting more ROI from long term investments through content driven by SEO.

  • The Rise in Automation

The rise in digital trends has augmented the importance of adopting digital marketing strategies as well. The most popular social media platforms, especially Facebook have started using AI to deal with multiple tasks and take care of repetitive yet necessary functions effectively.

  • Shifting the Focus of Businesses

Retailers are going to see a major difference in their growth and revenue in the future because of good Search Engine Optimization and digital marketing planning. SEO is the most important strategy for giving the businesses the boost to kick-start long term organic presence through websites to sustain the competition.

  • Great Alternative Career Choice

A lot of bright graduates can venture into digital marketing due to the dearth of engineering jobs now. They will have a novel experience since they get the chance to work with technical tools. It is a great space to apply their logical reasoning power as well. Shifting to the digital marketing arena and honing SEO skills can make them go a long way to secure their future.


SEO is becoming significantly important and will see a leap in the future. It will provide businesses an incredible prospect to beat the competition with organic traffic growth. Job seekers need to explore more and consider SEO as a great employment source to acquire the skills for joining future-ready online industries.