SEO enhancement through audio and video text transcription

audio and video text transcription

Top 6 benefits of video and audio transcription

Audio and video content has been spread over the internet. It is a fast and simple way to catch the information. You don’t need to spend a lot of time getting acquainted with the content. It is always better to post dynamic content instead of a static medium. However, here’s a question. What are the search results for audio and video content? How can you increase the promotion of the web page with audio and video files? 

Better engagement can be reached with the help of transcription services. When you transcribe audio to text, you make the content easily searchable for the users. If you want to know the benefits of transcription practice for audio files, let’s get to these 6 advantages. 

Audio and video transcription for SEO enhancement

The use of proper transcription for your files can make all the difference. Here are 6 proven benefits to performing a well-developed text transcript to audio and video documents. 

1. Transcription enhances SEO of the website

When posting an audio or video file on the website, the system can fail to define the keywords without a proper text transcription. Thus, the traffic on the website will be less visible and effective. SEO is what helps the content on the platform be available to the users online. And the better the keywords density on the website, the more users can see the content. 

With clear and reliable transcription, search engines can easily catch necessary keywords and show the website higher in the search results. Since audio content is copied on the transcriptions, the engines get the main idea of the text easily. 

2. Bounce rate is lower

When managing audio-to-text transcription, you should be precise with the text. There should be no gaps or extra facts. Otherwise, the visitors of the website will get misleading information that differs from the original audio. The relevance of the transcription job helps the bounce rates get lower. 

What are bounce rates? When you perform content differently from the title of the page, the statistics of the website attendance are lower. But a proper transcript is a solution to such issues. 

3. Better keywords practice

Using relevant keywords is a well-known practice for every SEO expert. However, sometimes using keywords can be inappropriate or difficult to manage. And the use of video or audio to text transcription fills the website with a relevant number of keywords without any additional effort. 

Moreover, the use of text transcription is also helpful when it comes to the levels of keywords. There are primary and secondary keywords. In many cases, you may also work with tertiary keywords. It is a challenging task to manage the right number of words to meet the group requirements. But with a transcribed text, the strategy is satisfied, and the right number of keywords is achieved. 

4. Better users engagement

How much time would the user spend on the website listening to the video or audio? You never know if the track is listened to till the end. Different distractions make users leave the page. But a text transcription increases engagement metrics that make the promotion of the page better. The more time users spend on the website, the better it is for the rating. Moreover, by spending more time on the page, users can get interested in the content and browse more. 

5. Keywords statistics is increased

When creating target keywords for the page, SEO specialists may use different word combinations. But the traffic can still be lower. Why? The reason is that the choice of words can be wrong. In this case, a video or audio transcript will do its job. In the transcribed text, there are different terms and word combinations that have the most frequent use. Thus, changing the main keywords can be a good decision to increase the metrics and make the traffic better. 

6. The blog post features

When posting a webinar or podcast on the website, you have a single audio file and a simple description on the page. Search engines don’t usually insert such not informative pages in the top positions in the search results. However, with a proper transcript, the system will identify the text and promote the website on the ratings. 

When you have the transcript to the audio or video, search engines consider the text and put the page higher. It makes it more visible to the users. In many cases, users don’t read transcripts. But these transcriptions promote the popularity of the website and help users notice the page. 

Final Thoughts

Transcription practice is a beneficial way to increase the satisfaction rates of the users. But it is also a perfect method to increase the statistics, meet the strategy requirements and promote a web page better. With the help of audio transcription, your web page will gain better search results and be on top of Google search. 

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