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With the digital influx in the modern-day business, SEO has become one of the primary priorities for every business to survive online among hundreds of competitors. Because of the skyrocketing popularity of Search Engine Optimization and Digital Marketing, a boatload of individuals starts optimizing their website for ranking!

And most of the time, it is seen that the beginners in SEO make some mistakes that have a direct effect on the outcome of their marketing campaign. Endless complex algorithms are there which help search engines to work. And you would require a lot of time and effort in order to convince and compel the algorithms that your website and webpage are deserving enough to earn the top spot on the SERP for a certain set of keywords.

A number of rules are there you can follow in order to get your website optimization done like a pro! A lot of people try to get suggestions from the thousands of articles present on SEO tips and tricks but most of them fail to implement those strategies because of a sole reason – all the tips which are presented through the articles are written from a theoretical approach without any consideration of the practicality!

That is where it becomes immensely confusing for beginner marketers and business owners. As a result, either they don’t receive the expected result or they give up the marketing part!

However, that issue won’t get repeated anymore! We have talked to a number of digital marketing companies throughout the world, and we have gathered some practical SEO tips from Virohaa, a Dubai-based SEO agency. In this article, we are going to share the tips with you, which, we feel, would bring a positive effect to your SEO campaign.

These strategies are tried and tested with an enviable success rate! So, without further ado, let us give you the best SEO tips that are highly feasible and actually work.

Top SEO Tips for Beginners to Consider

There are a lot of things to consider for ranking higher. But here, we are sticking to the tips that are useful for the individuals who are just starting their journey in SEO. All of the best Los Angeles SEO companies are following these tips so you should too if you want to get results

Page Title and Description

Page Titles and Description (in other terms, Meta Title and Description) are one of the most important factors that are responsible for ranking and good CTR. With the page Title and Description, search engines get to understand the subject or topic of that particular page.

While the title should be catchy, it also needs a little branding (with your brand name) in order to leave an impression in the mind of users. The page title is responsible for attracting the searchers and inducing them to click on the search result. On the other hand, the description should explain the subject-matter of the page to the search engine as well as searchers. This description puts the final nail in the coffin and gets the potential customers onboard by clicking through the result.

Quick Tips for Optimized Page Title and Description

  • Page Title and Description Should Contain the Primary Keyword.
  • Title Should Include the Brand Name.
  • Title Should be Brief as well as Descriptive.
  • Description Should Contain the Keyword Variations with the Primary Keyword.
  • Description Should Also Encourage the Users Regarding a Proper Solution.
  • The Title Length Should be within 60 characters and Description Length Should be Limited to 155 Characters.
  • Both Title and Description Should Also Explain the Topic of the Page to Google and Readers.

Permalink Structure

Permanent Link or Permalink is the format of the URL of a webpage, be it, a category, tag, or post page. The structure of your permalink is another thing that directly and indirectly affects the outcome of your SEO campaign. The majority of beginners repeat the same mistake of not optimizing the permalink structure, which ends up being lethal to the SEO health of your website.

Basically, the permalink should also explain the subject of the webpage. The easier Google understands your page’s subject matter, the better chance your page has to be ranked! Moreover, it also affects the user experience.

Following are a few examples of Bad permalink Structures:


So, can you see how complicated are these URLs? It’s really tough for a human and machine to understand what the page is all about! However, there are a few tips, following which can help you craft the best permalinks.

Quick Tips for Optimized Page Title and Description

  • URLs should be easily comprehensible and simple for both users and search engines.
  • Separate different words with hyphens.
  • Do not create a lengthy URL with information that is unnecessary!
  • Never stuff the URL with keywords, which is malpractice.
  • Do not use the prepositions, articles, or such words in the URL.

So, if you are confused, following are two samples of the good permalink structures:


Using Header Tags

Publishing a chunk of text would not help you in the ranking. There are a number of elements that help in better SEO and header tags are one of them.

So, if you are an SEO beginner, you should know how to use the header tags and utilize them for your good! There are 6 header tags, starting from H1 (the most powerful and least used) to H6. These header tags help the search engines understand which is more important in your content or page.

Proper use of header tags and the use of keywords in the headers has been a proven wonder for gaining positive results in SEO. Follow the below tips for optimizing the header tags.

Quick Tips for Optimized Page Title and Description

  • Use the H1 tag for one time. Preferably, for the title of your post or page.
  • H2 should be used for the main headings of your post.
  • Using a lot of H2 tags is malpractice which violates Google’s rules and can get you in trouble.
  • Keeping small paragraphs within the headers is preferred.
  • Using a good font style and size is preferred for readability.
  • Keyword stuffing in header tags is strictly not recommended.


These are the top three tips for the beginners of SEO. Make sure you don’t fall into any trap while starting your SEO journey. Following the above tips would help you enjoy the SEO benefits. There are also other factors to consider like internal linking, image optimization, etc. but these are the primary factors you should eye on.

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