12 Best Shocking Videos Sites Like BestGore

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Is BestGore not working anymore? Then look at sites like BestGore In this article we have come up with the BestGore options that enable you to Watch your favorite videos.

BestGore is a very popular shocking website active from 2008 to 2020 from around the world where you can watch violent real-life news, images, and other stuff. Like other video platform, there is a wide range of videos that you can access from multiple categories. Besides watching, you can save your favorite videos and share them on social media sites. The cool and easy navigation of the site anyone can access without worrying about it. The website is only for those above 18.

Unfortunately, BestGore was completely down due to several reasons, So that many people looking for similar sites where they watch shock videos.

Sites Like BestGore


BestGore.Fun is one of the best to watch the best gore videos, you can easily access a website and discover a lot of videos from the library. There is an option Trending, recently added in the left sidebar. Additionally, more filters help you to find content quickly. Overall, you can say this is sites like Bestgore.


GoreGrish is a website that allows you to access new BestGore videos from the list of content. The sign-up is required to watch content. On the website, you can upload videos and share them with other people or on social media platforms.

There are 400,000 images and videos uploaded and many are uploaded daily basis so that you can choose your desired video from it. The famous war category is open for users so you don’t need to take any extra effort.

Deep Gore Tube

Deep Gore Tube is very similar to BestGore, which allows you to explore videos from thousands of titles. This is one of the video-sharing platforms that enable you to find content easily just click. The search bar is an option to browse your favorite videos without any difficulty. You can choose videos from various categories such as CCTV, Punishment,and more


Hoodsite is another website to watch videos from different genres, this is very different websites that we have listed above gore sites. When it’s compared to other bestGore you feel so softer. You will get the latest fights and real videos on the homepage of the site. The easy navigation, new users can handle it without doubts.


YNC is another site that offers a wide range of genres related to gore, it’s one of the video-sharing platforms that makes it easy for people to upload their videos on it. With the simple and easy-to-use interface of the site, everyone can access hundreds of titles along with descriptions and thumbnails.

In addition, you can like, or dislike and even share the videos with other people through social media sites.

Documenting Reality

Documenting Reality is based on real-life videos. But this website is only for those above 18 if you’re under 18 then you cannot access this website.

This site has rules and regulations so if you break a rule your account will be banned permanently. It’s a completely free website, without any limits you can watch content. Although you need to pay a fee of $20 for watching content. Every 5-8 weeks the free views reset.

 eBaum’s World

Users can exchange points with the monetary point system. eBaum’s World is an entertainment website owned by Literally Media. It was founded in 2001 and features comedy content such as memes, viral videos, images, and other forms of Internet culture.

The slightly-dank memes, to access some crazy videos that are uploaded by users you can access from around the world.

Scary for Kids

If you’re a fan of Horror videos then definitely you must visit Scary of Kids. This is one of the sources where you will get all the scary things that you can enjoy on your device. Just click on the title of the videos, images, games, and other scary stuff. From the menu bar of the website, you can explore most of the videos.

Damage Corpse

Sites like BestGore, and Damage Corpse allow you to explore videos from different categories. It offers many shocking videos that you can watch right away. Besides videos, you can discover images, and scary story also. With the neat and simple interface of the site you don’t need to register you can freely watch content.


With Body Modification Ezine (BME) you can find the most recent images and videos about body alternations like tattoos, piercing in the nose, ears, and others. This makes it easier to search content using the filters such as category.

Daily Mail

Offering a large number of videos, news, viral stuff, and trending videos you can easily catch on this Daily Mail, This is an online magazine, where you will get the news related to bestgore videos.


ViralNova was Launched in May 2013, run by Scott DeLong. You get all the latest interesting, hilarious, and mind-blowing stories on the Web. This is one of the best platforms to share trending videos and stories on the web.

You can explore each category and find your favorite stuff. Apart from this, it supports more than 15 languages. You can access a video from any location from over the globe. Viral Nova is easy to understand you can explore many things as well as watch on your device.


These are the list of the best Sites Like BestGore to watch shocking videos. Some of these sites are age-restricted, so before visiting the website check terms and conditions. Moreover, this article is only for information purposes we do not encourage anyone to visit these websites.


What is BestGore?

BestGore is a Canadian shock site that provided highly violent real-life news, photos, and videos, with authored opinions and user comments.

Why did BestGore Shutdown?

One of the most popular BestGore sites was banned and removed content such as images and videos. You can check above mentioned sites like BestGore on the Internet.

Can I Watch Shocking Videos For Free?

Yes, the above-mentioned websites are free you don’t need to pay an amount.

Is Singup Required To access Sites Like BestGore?

No, You can Watch content without any signup process, just you need an internet connection to access a website.

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