15 Best Websites Like KissAnime [Selected 2020 ]

Are you Anime Lover? Searching Sites Like KissAnime or looking at KissAnime Alternatives? If so then this article to all peoples and children who like to watch anime videos online.

There are many sites, such as KissAnime, which can be used as KissAnime Alternatives to watch as much anime as you like for free.


Crunchyroll is one of the largest and most popular Anime websites launched in 2006, including KissAnime. The site provides dubbed / subtitle English and to help the language’s non-native speaker understand the story. You must also register an account by associating an active email to be able to make full use of the site.


There are about 25,000 Anime episodes available on Crunchyroll, and 15,000 hours of officially licensed content. It offers a combination of both free and premium content so you can enjoy a videos.

Anime Season

Anime Season website design is truly appealing. To discover and play almost any Anime series on Anime Season is nothing more than a play for a kid. For obvious reasons, the Anime Season is a very common name in the world of Anime.


They have anime Collection is so huge you can spend hours and hours watching them. Anime Season features most of the famous Anime Series such as Zouroku’s Alice, Hunter, and Hunter etc. Watching almost any Anime series on Anime Season with the least publicity possible is absolutely free. Furthermore, the video quality is so high in Anime Season plus.


AnimeFreak is a popular alternative to KissAnime which you can use to get your favourite anime drama and read the manga. It is an excellent website that you can visit to fulfill all your anime needs.

AnimeFreak has been one of the most-streamed websites from the new to the old Anime Shows. It has an attractive interface with a beautiful design layout. The site has great features and options can sort the list by category so find the ones you are looking for will be easier.

Anime Heaven

AnimeHeaven is an absolutely free site and sites like KissAnime. You’ll be having all the famous series of anime, current shows, cartoons, and movies. It lets users download videos of different quality of the video.

So if you’re looking for a website that can not only download and watch content, then Anime Heaven is the perfect alternative for you.


AnimeLab is one of the best sites to stream legal anime, such as KissAnime. They have an vast range of anime across multiple genres. In reality AnimeLab claims to have one of the largest anime libraries online, making it the ideal place to saturate your anime hunger. AnimeLab is a legal website that offers thousands of Anime shows only free to air.

Additionally, most devices like iOS, Ios, PlayStation, Xbox, Apple TV and even Chromecast support AnimeLab. Besides all the standard features like most of the alternatives provided by KissAnime, AnimeLab boasts a special and very useful feature that differentiates it from other websites that stream Anime.


Anilinkz is another source of free looking at Anime and wide selection of Anime series which is similar to KissAnime. This is why it is considered a good substitute for the same thing. The Anime posted on Anilinkz is both subbed and dubbed making it perfect for users of all kinds.

Anilinkz is one of the Anime websites which are regularly updated. In addition, Anilinkz ‘s interface is very clean too. It’s not difficult to discover your favorite Anime from the newly introduced, ongoing series categories.


Masterani.me is a leading website for online streaming of English dubbed anime. It has more than 2500 full and latest HD quality anime series which you can access anywhere in the world at any time.

The site has a modern, easy to use user interface, you can easily search for your favorite anime and select it from the drop-down results. You can also pick a series from several genres including Action, Adventure, Vampire and Sci-Fi etc. You can also test the average rating and read comments after you have selected your favorite items.


AnimeDao is one of the anime sites similar to KissAnime it has great video quality, ease of use, load speeds, content availability and reliability. It is one of the best websites for anime lovers worldwide because it provides a smooth viewing experience and consumes low bandwidth. This also provides a wide collection of the most current and revised series.

It could get very frustrating for people just exploring, but it’s great for users seeking the new episodes. There are no account limits on the website which is again an advantage. AinmeDao also offers the dubbed and dubbed English versions of all the old and latest anime series and films.

Anime Planet

Anime-Planet is one of KissAnime’s most wonderful websites which you can use to watch high-quality animated drama and movies. This website has everything you need for the material. For manga and anime videos it’s the one-stop destination. It is the very oldest and popular website among lovers of anime and manga and has 45,000 episodes of legal anime.

It looks like a luxury website but is free. You can join Anime Planet community if you want to connect people like you who love to watch anime and manga online. Anime Planet features this week’s popular anime, this week’s Popular Manga, Newest Anime Recommendations, Fall 2018 Anime, Newest Homepage manga recommendations.


The website has a huge archive, and so you can expect to find here all sorts of anime series. This site has a pretty sorted simple and attractive interface because of its variety and choice of various genres of anime it is an excellent place for beginners.

It ranks in the list of best KissAnime Alternatives because the dubbed series are marked with a green label and hence, it is easier for the user to choose.


GoGoAnime is another wonderful alternative to KisssAnime where you can discover a vast selection of films and series about anime. The website is well organized and arranged with all the movies and anime episodes that are popular and recent.

It has all of the nearly similar features to KissAnime. You can receive a list of all the animes available for easy access on the web, organized alphabetically. Watch anime online in high quality for free with English subbed, dubbed no registration required. 


Play your favorite Anime in HD and 9Anime in English. This video sharing portal is accessible free of charge and contains an extensive catalog of Anime movies and series. While dubbed and submitted to this platform, not all of them are. Only an Anime list with subbed and dubbed is available.

You can go to the website to search for the file and watch some of the famous videos by checking the “trend tab.” If you are looking for old Anime, you can sort the list by using the fast filter. You may pick the release date, and the genre accordingly.


Chia-Anime is considered to be a genuine KissAnime Alternative. Second, both the Anime steamers are free to access and both provide a great selection of Anime content, including Anime shows, movies, and videos.

The Chia-Anime not only streams the Animes but also makes the later use of the video but Chia-Anime’s GUI is a little messy. If you visit the Chia-Anime, you’ll find ads residing on the website that makes browsing the website a little awkward. Yet otherwise, the website is perfect enough for Anime lovers of all sorts.


Anime Karma is also a great place for watching anime series online, including Kissanime. This site has a large Anime Series catalogue. Several Anime shows on HD quality can be watched here. From the tool ‘s main webpage, the list is shown on tiles. You can play it from flashed ones or you could sort it by Genre, Released Year, and Quality.

Unlike the other sites listed here, however, this site only provides a single server connection. Also, on-click and pop-up advertisements are all over the main page of the website. It’s still a good kissAnime alternative because it’s free and there are no site restrictions.


OtakuStream is similar to KissAnime, in some way. It has a beautiful gui with appealing style, layout and theme. On this platform you’ll love to browse the animes. You can easily search for the anime, anime movies and popular animes.


Watching Anime is incredibly enjoyable. KissAnime is the most popular Anime website that offers to watch Anime online and we don’t deny that fact. But everybody has a different opinion about certain things and their sense of dislike varies from person to person. Initially, Anime was only popular in Japan. But with time, Anime craze is spreading all over the world and people are gagging Anime now. Hope you liked the Article

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Disclaimer: This information is only for educational and learning purposes. We don’t promote piracy.

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