11 Rabb.it Alternatives & Sites Like Rabb.it in 2021

Rabb.it was a popular online video streaming platform that allowed users to download content and connect with different people. Rabb.it Launched in 2014 in California, it is an application that helps people to stream movies and shows together. It’s great for people who want to have a nice time with their buddies. The global lockdown has raised the need for such an application. It’s great for people who live far out. You should sync streams and have a better experience. The service works for various channels, such as Netflix, Yout.

The service enabled multiple people to browse and watch the same content remotely in real time. There were Millions of users online before shut down of Rabb.it.

 Unfortunately, Rabb.it currently faces intermittent problems, because they did not have sufficient funds to keep the operation going and it has since been closed so that is why the site is not accessible to the world.

Moreover, many of these Rabb.it similar sites come up in the market that offers the same features and is completely free. The service is also accessible through all available platforms. In this article, we’ll explore some of the alternatives to Rabb.it. Here’s we listed some alternatives to rabbit for watching videos and TV shows.

11 Rabb.it Alternatives


Website URL: https://getmetastream.com/

Metastream allows you to watch videos, the latest movies, TV series with friends and family even if they’re far away. Also, you browse your favorite media and add the queue URL. It already supports a number of popular websites for playback.

It uses proprietary technology to deliver enhanced live streaming to multiple people and with an incredible near-zero latency.

Apart from that, Metastream looks absolutely great with on-screen chat, video queuing and fast user management. Furthermore, it supports all major streaming services like Netflix, YouTube, Hulu,  Prime Video, etc.  

The difference is that Metastream lacks popular Rabb.it features streaming downloaded media, webcam, and audio. If you can live with that, Metastream is an amazing choice for online watch parties.


Website URL: https://simulchat.com/

With Simulchat, users can create private chat rooms, share files, watch videos, play games, and other content too. You can build your own chat room without registration at no cost, even make few video calls.

It is one of the great movie streaming sites like Redd.it.  You can also render a video call together. It is similar to watching TV in the same room. While you cannot access other sites such as Amazon or Netflix, you can share your own videos and watch them with friends or family.

You can watch videos found on YouTube, and Simulchat guarantees that the videos stay in sync. It is a web-based service that is simple to use, and also allows text messaging.


Website URL: https://twoseven.xyz/

Twoseven is a desktop extension for the Chrome browser. Users can enjoy a wonderful Virtual movie night with partner, friends, family, or colleagues. The service provides synchronizations to everyone so that audiences can watch the same content.

With the use of webcams users can watch their friends real-time reactions and live-chat with them. The platform currently support Amazon, Youtube, Netflix, Hulu, Apple TV and other big streaming services through the network.

The service gives its customers a free and paid version. You can use most of the features in the free version.


Website URL: https://www.watch2gether.com/

Watch2gether lets you watch videos and other material in sync with your friends. You can build your own chat room free of charge without signing up. After you create a chat room, you invite other users to join the chat room.

You can talk to your friends through a simple but powerful chat room feature. Anyone can create a playlist for an online slumber party with friends on the website.

The videos you can watch are limited to supported sites, including YouTube, Amazon, Twitter, Vimeo, and Dailymotion. You can also listen to music together via SoundCloud. Besides you have a GIF support chat function that is great.

Netflix Party

Website URL: https://www.netflixparty.com/

Netflix Party is an extension to the Google Chrome browser. After you install an extension, simply log in to your Netflix account and pick a file. You use the extension to build your Netflix Party and start inviting guests.

You needs to install the extension before you can start uploading it. Users will chat as they play the synced video in real time.

The best part about Netflix Party is you don’t have to install heavy apps as it’s only running on web browsers. There’s also a group chat feature that you can use for interaction while watching real-time shows and movies.

Chat function also supports emojis, GIFs, and indicator typing so that’s awesome.


Website URL: https://airtime.com/

Airtime is a wonderful option for mobile customers. It brings with it exciting new features that are exclusive to the platform. You will get a lot better experience than the rabb.it.  It’s a fantastic user interface that’s pretty new for us.

Airtime allows up to 10 users in one room so this should be more than adequate.

You can watch YouTube videos together with Airtime, listen to music, chat with groups using animated stickers, send sound reactions, GIFs and much more.

The great thing about Airtime is that it simultaneously supports audio comment and media playback which has been a popular feature. You can also send pictures, short video clips, messages all while watching videos.


Website URL: https://rave.io/

 Rave is easily one of the best-looking video streaming application now a days. Rave is that it sprinkles elements of social media in its web-based operation.

Besides being a platform for your streaming needs, the site also helps you to communicate with friends and engage in conversation. Sharing videos and music is only one click away.

 It has all the standard features, such as watching Netflix together and interacting simultaneously. The playback of sync is really strong and works without any problems although you can share videos and music with friends. There’s also a voice chat option but while watching video content, you can’t video chat.

Its supported platforms are Twitter, Vimeo, Dropbox, Viki, Google Drive, and Reddit. You can upload content or streaming content from your Dropbox or Google Drive accounts.


Website URL: http://app.synclounge.tv/

If you’re a Plex consumer, then  SyncLounge provides a fantastic solution for you. Let you play flawlessly synchronized media. If you want a dedicated Plex co-watching app, it does a great job.

With SyncLounge you can connect your Plex Library and build a private room with your friends and family. Synchronized playback is pretty good considering that SyncLounge uses its own server to transfer data to multiple people, instead of Plex servers.

Compared to Rabb.it, it also lets you talk with other fans, making the experience of watching the video completely social and interactive.


Website URL: https://syncplay.pl/

Syncplay is a software that can be downloaded from your desktop or laptop. Your friends and family also need to install the app on their own devices. After download, the app should open a media center that will be synchronized between connected users.

This helps you to enjoy music or video files from your computer while keeping in touch with your friends and family sharing the same files.

Syncplay is a special feature, allows you to co-play downloaded content on your device. All major operating systems, including Windows, macOS, and Linux, are available. Using VLC, MPC or MPV you can play any content offline. There is no mobile version.


Website Link: https://togethertube.com/

TogetherTube runs on a handful of supported sites, including YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, and SoundCloud. It is a convenient and easy-to-use way to stream videos, movies and music with friends. With TogetherTube, you can create public or private chat rooms.  

It allows users to synchronize playback and experience effective moderation resources and a different level of the voting method.  You should link videos from the approved channels to the playlist for all users in the chat room. Users will then comment on the videos.

The site provides a number of other tools to make you stand out, including the option to customize settings in your chat room. You may change the name of the room or even prevent other users from voting for videos.


Website Link: https://kast.gg/index.html

Kast is another great successor to the Rabbit app. It is windows based programming software which runs on windows and mac computers and also for web browser. It began as a windows client, but the company has launched versions for iOS and Android.

Apart from the regular functions, including video sharing, messaging, and file sharing, Kast allo.

It is a robust chat and networking software that supports video, voice, email, etc, but can also be used to host movies and TV parties with more than 100 friends. You can also play games and share a video gaming experience with friends in real-time.

Rabb.it is the best location for people to stream video content, music or other. We are trying to put some Rabb.it alternatives for you in the form of this article.

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