Smallpdf Mobile App Review You Must Have To Know

Smallpdf is an application that makes it easy to convert and edit all your PDF files into different formats. It has a super user-friendly interface which makes it easy to access. The app gives regular updates that provide the advanced features with new functions so whenever you visit the app you can see the change. The app is available for both android and tablets. It is a completely free-to-use app. If you’re looking for an app to convert PDFs from your smartphone or any device then Smallpdf is the best choice for you. Here some details about the Smallpdf you can check out how’s it work and what’s they offer. If you have never used PDF Drive then it provides the free service to download various PDF books. Users can search study topics and download the ebook and read the offline on web, phone or tablet devices.

Key features of smallpdf

Smallpdf is an advanced mobile application without any skills you can create PDF files and convert them into various formats.  

Compress PDF

PDF compressor tool will automatically start to reduce your PDF size instantly and shrink the file. If you use basic compression then the file reduces the size by 40%. And if you use strong compression then the file reduces the size by 75%.

Convert PDF To Word

With this PDF converter, you can convert PDF files to Word format. Just upload the file and choose a converter and your file is ready within seconds. This is the best way to edit PDFs without using a PC/Laptop.

Convert PDF To Excel

The PDF to Excel Converter helps you to convert your PDF table into the Excel spreadsheet in a few seconds. Apart from this you can extract data from PDFs into separate cells and save them as an Excel file.

Convert PDF to Images

Smallpdf image converter helps you to convert your PDF into an Image. Just upload the file that you want, select the formats such as JPEG or PNG and quality, and then tap on “Convert”. Within a few seconds, your file is ready.

Create a PDF from Files

The tool lets you convert an existing document into a PDF or create a new file. You can select files from your devices like Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, and iCloud.

Convert PPT To PDF

With this converter, you can change a file from PPT to PDF. Just select the PPT that you want to convert into PDF, a few seconds it’s ready for you. It’s a very simple process.

Edit a PDF

With the SmallPDF edit PDF tool, you can edit your file just upload the PDF file into the PDF editor, and you will see the options like edit the size, font,  text, images, shapes, color, and more.

Rotate a PDF

SmallPDF rotates tool you can rotate your file in right, left, up, and down. Also, you can add more files, and delete or rearrange pages within this tool.

Delete Pages From PDF

You can delete your page by using this converter. You can also rearrange and rotate the pages whenever you want. You can delete selected pages at once.

Watermark a PDF

If you want to add a watermark in your PDF then it’s a very helpful tool you can add the text, image, or logo as watermarks on your PDF.

Merge PDFs

You can merge two or more PDF files into one document very easily. You can drag and drop documents in the Smallpdf Merge PDF tool and combine as many PDF files as you need. Also, save them combine.

Sign a PDF

The Smallpdf app allows you to sign your PDF documents. You can use your finger or a stylus to sign a PDF, just need to open the PDF and add your signature. Then save the document.

File Storage

The Smallpdf tool provides the storage service so you can store your files safely with Smallpdf. Apart from this, you have another option like email pdf scans to other apps.

Convert PDF To EPUB

EPUB is an open-source eBook format. It has a fixed layout and you can convert your files to the universal EPUB format with Smallpdf tool.

Convert Multiple Files

You can convert more than one file at the same time by using this app feature.

Simple Interface

It has a simple user interface you can access the website very easily if you never working with PDFs. You will get a quick result.

Device Compatibility

Smallpdf is compatible with iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux. You can easily use the Smallpdf tool no matter what type of version you have.

Can Smallpdf app help your business?

Smallpdf is one of the best mobile applications without any laptop or computer you can instantly convert PDFs into different formats. This is very helpful for your business no matter what kind of document you have you can convert easily on your device. Also, it gives the best features like removing watermarks, editing PDFs, and so on. With some limitations, you can freely use the app if you want.

How to use the Smallpdf App on mobile?

You can use the Smallpdf on your mobile device just download it from the play store. After downloading open it and add the document that you want to convert and choose the file format. Apart from this, you have a various options like you can edit documents, add watermarks,s and so on. Make the change that you want and click on the “Save” button after a few seconds your document to convert

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