Step-By-Step Guide to Move to the Netherlands and Start Your Dutch BV

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The Netherland’s business market has been in high demand for the last few years. The Netherlands boast technological advancements, a robust business framework and the potential to grow your business on a global scale. Owing to all these advantages, Entrepreneurs from around the world are striving to start their companies in this thriving business market. 

Are you among those? 

If you are planning on moving to the Netherlands and pursuing your entrepreneurial dreams, you are on the right track. An excellent way to establish your business presence in the Netherlands is to start a Dutch BV. With favourable tax policies and a progressive business environment, this country offers ample opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs. 

In this guide, we’ll walk through each step you need to take to move to the Netherlands and start your own Dutch BV. 

Get Started: Plan Your Move

It all begins with planning your move to the Netherlands. Here’s what involves this step:

Do your Research

Research is the foremost step to making a big move. It is essential to conduct complete research on immigration carefully. Familiarise yourself with the Dutch business environment, legal requirements, and, not to say, the culture. Begin your Research for the potential and the most suitable locations to live and establish your BV. The complete research must also include essential factors like cost of living, rents, transportation and proximity to business hubs. 

Obtain the Visa

As a non-European citizen, you will need a dedicated visa to reside and work in the Netherlands. The type of visa will vary based on your circumstances as well as the nature of your business activities. Depending upon your status, you can apply for a Startup visa, a Self-employed Visa, or a work permit through sponsorship by a Dutch employer. 

Consult with a professional legal practitioner and immigration authorities to identify the visa needed for your stay. The professionals will also walk you through the complete application process. 

Prepare your Move

Once everything is set up, you have the required knowledge, research analysis, and perfect visa in your hand; all that is left is to prepare for your move. It is always best to arrange for your stay beforehand. Consider factors like public transport facilities, proximity to amenities, and schools when searching for your ideal Amsterdam huis huren (Rent a house in Amsterdam). Taking care of accommodation prior to moving allows you to resign to a cosy space after the hustle of your move. 

Set Up Your Dutch BV

Choose Business Structure

The first step to starting your Dutch business is to determine the most suitable business structure for your goals. Similar to a Limited Liability Company, A Dutch BV also offers protection for shareholders. Besides, its flexible corporate governance options make it popular among entrepreneurs. 

Consulting with legal advisors will help you better understand the implications of various business structures and decide the best option that aligns with your ventures.

Register the BV

After deciding on your business structure, the registration process comes next. You will need to register your Dutch BV with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (Kamer van Koophandel). Checklist the essential documents, including the proof of identity, articles of association and shareholder agreements. Submit your registration application either in person or through the online portal and pay the registration fee to wrap up the process.

Secure Licences and Business Permits

Besides the registration documents, certain business activities also require particular licences or permits to operate legally in the Netherlands. Based on your business industry and nature, you may need permits for health & safety, zoning, environmental regulations or professional qualifications. Search the requirements applicable to your Dutch BV and secure the permit before commencing business operations. 

Manage Finances

Finance management is the foundation of any successful business operation. For a Dutch BV, you will need to open a business bank account to separate your personal and business finances. It is also vital to comply with the regulatory requirements. 

Open a business bank account from any reputable Dutch bank and manage your business financial operations through it, such as payrolls, tax obligations, or other company transactions. Various banks have their particular service charges and discounts. So, conduct your research and open an account with a bank that offers suitable services at competitive rates. 

Understand Taxation

Taxes can be backbreaking if you don’t have proper knowledge about them. Understanding tax obligations can help you cut through the edges and save yourself from unnecessary taxes. Therefore, navigating the Dutch tax system before running a business is crucial. 

Understand the applicable taxes for businesses, including value-added tax (VAT), corporate income tax, payroll taxes, and social security contributions. Consulting with experienced tax advisors to optimise your tax strategy can help minimise tax liabilities while ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. 

Boost Your Business Presence

Once your Dutch BV is complete and functioning, it is time to establish a strong business presence. Here’s how you can do it:

Find Perfect Office Space

A suitable office location is vital to establish your business presence in the competitive market of the Netherlands. All factors that need to be considered before deciding on a place are location, amenities, accessibility, and the lease terms. 

You can explore options like serviced offices, co-working spaces, or commercial rentals and see what suits your business model best. 

Cultivate a Professional Network

Networking is inevitable in the business industry. The better connections you have with your industry professionals, the better opportunities you will be serviced to expand your business. One way to establish a professional network is by attending business seminars, industry events, and networking meetups to meet other entrepreneurs, business partners, investors, and potential clients. Online forums and professional associations are also good sources for staying informed about industry trends and connecting with like-minded people to boost mutual success. 


Moving to another country and setting up a company is equally exciting and nerve-wracking. However, the Netherlands offer the best market to set up not only your promising Dutch BV but also a cosy accommodation. So, Embrace your entrepreneurial spirit and act on it to build a successful empire in the Netherlands. 

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