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Subtitles are textual translations or transcriptions of the dialogue or narration in a video or film, displayed on screen usually at the bottom. They provide viewers with a written representation of the spoken language, making the content accessible to individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing, as well as those who may not understand the language being spoken

How to Add Subtitles to a media player?

  • To adding subtitles in video its very simple process
  • first you need to open the video in media player that you want to add subtitles.
  • After right click on the video
  • Now choose “subtitles”
  • Select “add subtitles.

List Of Subtitles Download sites

YIFY Subtitles

YIFY Subtitles is one of the best websites to download movies in different languages. The site offers a clean, dark mode and simple-to-use user interface. You can search any movie with keywords easily. With no hassle, you can stream movies to Netflix. Just one click download your favourite movie subtitles.

Best Features On YIFY Subtitles

  • Download Subtitles are ad-free.
  • You can choose movies and tv shows according to their category.
  • With the help of year and rating of movies you can to download movies and TV shows all subtitle
  • Registration is not required to download the subtitles.

Why use: YIFY Subtitles is a perfect subtitle downloading site who are looking to get the subtitles of the most popular movie.

Price : Free



Podnapisi is one of the best sites to download subtitles on the web. The advanced search option allows you to find the search movies by year, date, keywords, movie types, and categories. You can find and watch the latest movies with subtitles SRT and the most downloaded subtitles.

Best Features On Podnapisi :

  • Find out subtitles in various languages.
  • On website 6000 TV shows and more than 58000 movies available.
  • You can see the preview of subtitle before downloading it.
  • It uploads subtitles for new movies every day.
  • The recent videos with subtitles are listed on this platform.
  • It also provides you information on subtitle language and upload date.

Why use: Podnapisi is a phenomenal site, especially if you want to download subtitles then this is the best choice for you.

Price: Free



Opensubtitles is one of the best subtitles download sites that offer a large database of popular movies and shows.  It is available in various languages. With the help of a search bar, you can search for a series and movies. Here you can search for subtitles by drag-dropping the movies files.

Best Features On Opensubtitles:

  • Easily you to find a subtitle for Trending movies and TV series.
  • This subtitles download site allow you to upload your subtitles.
  • To find latest movie subtitles in new subtitles section
  • Request the subtitle of your favourite movie.

Why use: Opensubtitles advanced features and available in English, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Polish, etc languages. This SRT platform enables you to filter your searches by country, type, season, episode.

Price: Free



Subs4free is one of the best downloading platforms that allows you to download subtitles movies and tv shows. This is the free subtitles download site the content is available in Greek and English language.

Best Features On Subs4free:

  • To find movies or series with ease.
  • It allows you to watch movies that are linked to the latest subtitles.
  • You can watch latest uploaded subtitles.

Why use: This movie subtitle download site is best for those who are looking for new movies subtitles.

Price: Free



Subscene is a movies subtitles download website that offers a large number of most popular movies and tv shows. Without any hassle, you enable to filter the movies. This subtitle download site adds subtitles on a daily basis for users.

Best Features On Podnapisi :

  • The subtitles are available in many languages.
  • It allows you can request for new movie subtitle.
  • The filter option you can edit the subtitles easily.
  • On this subtitles download website you can see the total number of downloads for all subtitles.

Why use: This English subtitle download site has a unique feature which is not available on another website so you can try this once.

Price: Free



BollyNook is a Bollywood movie subtitles platform that allows you to download subtitles in different languages, including English, Dutch, French, Arabic, etc..

Best Features On BollyNook :

  • It offers you to upload and download subtitles for your favorite movie with ease.
  • You can search subtiltes by year, frame, and more.
  • It allows you to search for lyrics transactions.
  • Enable to read the information about various celebrities.

Why use: This subtitles movie download site provides a link to read Bollywood news.

Price: Free


English Subtitles

English Subtitles is a website that offers a huge database of movies and shows. This movie subtitles download sites user-friendly dark mode interface. With the search bar filter, you can find the movie without any hassle.  

Best Features On English Subtitles :

  • Enable you to save the subtitles.
  • This open source subtitles download website added the latest movies and shows subtitles.
  • This platform let you to add your own subtitle.

Why use: The English subtitles download SRT and are easy to navigate.

Price: Free

Visit: is a subtitle downloading website that allows you to search the movies. This movie subtitle download website is available in different languages. You can view and filter the subtitles according to their date and year.

Best Features On :

  • This subtitles downloading site enables you to read the name of top uploaders on the home page.
  • On homepage you can enable to see the name of the top uploder.
  • Find A to Z subtiltes.

Why use: This movie subtitles download website you can find the latest movie subtitles for free. No need to register to download the subtitles.

Price: Free



SubtitleHhub is a website without any hassle you can download subtitles of movies and TV shows with ease.  In the advanced search option, you can find the movie subtitles. This subtitles download site offers you to find out the ongoing movies and shows.

Best Features On SubtitleHhub:

  • The subtitles download website has a large number of movie subtitles available.
  • You can download the subtiltes countrywise for free.
  • You can request your own subtitles.
  • The subtitles available in various languages like Dutch, English, and more.

Why use: This SubtitleHhub download website you can find the latest movie subtitles for free. No need to register to download the subtitles.

Price: Free



The Moviesubtitles is another subtitles download website that allows you to download subtitles from old to new movies. The site has a huge database of subtitle files, available in various languages.

Best Features On Moviesubtitles :

  • It is very easy to find subtitles with a simple user interface.
  • You can find subtitles in multiple languages.
  • It has a neat and clean interface
  • Easy to navigate.
  • This subtitles downloading sites the tiltles listed in alphabetically.

Why use: On this download subtitles platform you can easily find what you are looking for by just enter the name of subtitles name in the search bar.

Price: Free


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