8 Best Tektek Alternatives to Create Avatars

Are you TekTek Users? Searching for New TekTek Alternatives? If so then here in this article today I am gonna share with you some Best Tektek Alternatives to create avatars.

We all know that TekTek was a top resource for creators of anime characters. It was a great tool to create avatars. Ticketek has offered its users more assistance than most of its doll industry competitors, making it the preferred choice of most cartoon creators.

One of the most famous online websites of Avatar makers was the TekTek website. However, a few years earlier it was closed down but nevertheless maintains its reputation. It was popularly known as Gaia dream avatar maker that was basically used to create various types of online Avatar. This was certainly a great website because it provided all the tools available to create avatars, and that in the most imaginative manner, too. This was also very user friendly and could build exclusive avatars in no time.

Why TekTek Shutdown?

Everyone who has ever been a TekTek user has a good risk to miss the website as it became the most popular platform for the best and most innovative way of creating online cartoons. Here’s the reason, Tektek isn’t accessible online anymore, finally we can’t use its facilities.  The main reason for closing down their website was that they violated some form of copyright problem and were thus required to fully switch off their activities. This decision will certainly upset hundreds of users around the globe. This website was successful enough in a small span of time to draw many users, but we surely have some substitutes for the same.

Best TekTek Alternative

Nowadays, quite difficult to find out sites like TekTek to make avatars online but no worry below I listed some good and well researched few websites that will satisfy your needs, but they might be somewhat different from TekTek. So let’s check out

Hero Machine

Website URL: http://www.heromachine.com/

The hero machine is the first website on the list. The website is the most powerful web-based character-making tool and one of the advanced alternatives to Tektek. No matter, whatever your drawing skills, this amazing tool can be used to create professional-looking illustration for your fantasy, science fiction, super-hero characters. With this Hero Machine, it will really make your dreams come true.

Whether you want to express your artistic skills or give an appealing look to your comic book through the use of illustrations. The software comes in four different versions, two of which work online while two are available for download (paid). So go ahead and take a peek at your dreams.

Doll Divine

Website URL: http://www.dolldivine.com/

Another Doll Divine is Great Tektek alternative, in this website you can put all your creativity and create various illustrations. You are enabled to design your doll to the full as a way to express your artistic ability. Besides that, the website also has plenty of design tools that will help you customize your designs as much as you like and show off your creative skills.

The ethnic clothes and fairy outfits are two of the cool styles that you can check out. With this alternative to Tektek, you can show the viewers what they need, with the strong illustrations influenced and brought to life.


Website URL: http://www.neopets.com/

Neopets is a wonderful Platform for Tektek fantasy avatar replacement in which you can even customize the cartoon. Neopets is a quite old website launched in 1999 and it provides services in various countries such as Portuguese, French, German, China, and Spanish. This website provides different tools and unique apps that will enable you to build a dream concept straight from your vision. It allows you to either customize a Neopet or build a new one as you prefer.

The method is fairly simple, and in a few minutes, you’ll have unlimited access to the tools that you need to bring your project to life. All you need to do is build an account on Neopets so you can use all the services and software they provide. Easy registration ensures you can quickly access all the tools. You’ll love this website because it has many fun activities such as shopping, free gaming and online auctions.

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Gaia Avatar Maker

Website URL: https://avatarsave.gaiaonline.com/

Founded in 2003, Gaia Online by a few comic book fans in a garage and has become the fastest-growing hangout on the web. Every month millions of teenagers come to Gaia to play games, make friends, and take part in the most active online community in the world. Gaia provides a fun, social environment that inspires innovation and individuality.

Gaia is a platform where teenagers can build their own space and share their artistic style, with everything from art competitions and poetry platforms to completely interactive profiles and digital characters. Every member can create their own virtual character and dress it up with more than five thousand items: clothes, accessories, pets, masks, etc.


Website URL: http://doppelme.com/

If you’re a creativity addict so how often would you be fantasized by dreaming about making amazing drawings of yourself, friends, or even family? While you might consider this impossible with Tektek’s shutdown? Then you’re certainly mistaken since DoppelMe is a free interactive avatar builder website that has the right tool to create various styles of avatars for forums, instant messenger, and other specifications.

DoppelMe website is incredibly user friendly and can help you build infinite amounts of online avatars. You do not need to make any downloads, use ActiveX controls, Flash, and other tools.


Website URL: https://recolor.me/

Recolor.me is a famous online community dedicated to customizing avatars by using some of the resources created to that end. The website is a Tekton product, the company that is behind Tektek.org. You’ll be glad to hear that this website is still young, it has the potential to become one of the best Tektek alternatives, its predecessor.

You will do registration by clicking a few buttons, while you can now have free access to the tools that you need to create avatars without pixel skills. The registration process is pretty easy so you don’t have to waste a lot of time doing that, but after that, you should have full access to most of them.

Small World

Website URL: https://www.smallworlds.com/

A small world is another better TekTek alternative it is a place to make the imaginations come true. With the aid of this innovative website, you will make your dreams come true. As an alternative to Tektek, it provides you with a unique opportunity to paint, sculpt, decorate, and other methods of painting to make your art look more colorful. You will offer your artistic talents the independence they deserve with this website when you build cool avatars.

You can also take advantage of its customization options, which allow you to customize your avatar in countless ways. Moreover, the website has an inviting user interface which makes it easy for you to access whatever tool you need.

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Face Your Manga

Website URL: https://www.faceyourmanga.com/

Like all the websites mentioned above, this website also offers you two options creating an avatar or buying one. You create different custom avatars but one thing is different here as you can either create your own custom avatar on this website or you can buy one. For this TekTek alternative, regardless of your preference, you have a high-resolution avatar that will pull out the finest high-quality picture you’ll consider appealing when you aspire to build a beautiful avatar.

Although Face your Manga platform requires you to simply build your image, the collection of matching and mixing tools can give you a special and rewarding experience while doing it.


The list ends here these TekTek alternatives should give you everything you want to build awesome avatars anytime you need them. When you plan to use avatars, photos, and diagrams to take your profession or talents to the next stage, you’ll never run out of ideas and resources. The above 8 Best Tektek Alternatives to Create Avatars websites fulfill your dreams so no need to go anywhere.

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