Top 11 Textsheet Alternatives For Students in 2021

There were most of the students used textsheet to get solutions for their homework and school tasks. But textsheet is no longer available for students worldwide. Textsheet was playing a very important role among students. It helped to find out the solution, solving assignments and homework for students. After the shutdown of textsheet the online alternatives is come up on the internet. We have listed some 11 finest Textsheet alternatives you can try one by one.


Textsheet was a popular educational website among the students, that help to find out the answers for their school or college projects, homework and assignment problems. Students often try to overcome their problems without making much effort. In this case, Textsheet has experienced a huge success compared to another web platform.

Its users enjoyed its simplicity and ease of use, and the website provided its solutions for free. Being one of the most popular academic solution sites on the internet. Millions of students across the globe used this website to save time and finish their assignments on time. Students preferred the platform because it was safe. It offered excellent service and made the assignments easier.

Why did Textsheet Shutdown?

Textsheet increasingly day by day on the internet other hand many students depend on this website. It robbed material to provide the students with a solution.

Thus, it began to misuse the details on another website. In this way, the students found a solution. This incident has made the textSheet noticeable.

Unfortunately, textsheet no longer available due to a DMCA notice from Chegg and that is sad news for a lot of students.

Textsheet Alternative for Students:

  • Slader
  • School Solver
  • Course Hero
  • StudyLib
  • Chegg
  • Paper Help
  • BookFinder
  • shmoop
  • Gradesaver
  • CrazyForStudy
  • Spark Notes
  • Litanswers


Website Link:

Slader is the stand-alone platform popular among US students accessing millions of solution and contents of Q&A that cover all subjects.

It stands for providing of all the features. It provides answers keys based on the U.S. syllabus. Its expanded database makes it available to students around the world.

You can easily find out questions and answer with step-by-step and full clarifications through thousands of textbooks for different topics here.

 It offers homework solutions for a wide range of topics that include but not limited to mathematics, science, law, finance, biology, physics, arts, commerce, etc.

The quality of content is constantly improved day by day and college-level solutions offerings are extended to support students in the best possible way.

The site daily uploads thousands of quality content for school as well as college students also.

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School Solver

Website Link:

School Solver is another best textsheet alternative for school and college students.

It provide the school homework solutions, assignment, essay writing solution and more.

Students can post one-off questions or complete courses to be offered Full with tutors.

You can ask any question to their experts you will get a quick response from them.

There are lots of tutors with course hero and Chegg accounts. If you ever wanted a fast chegg response or a course hero to activate, is the way to get there. Tutors can end up making $500 for a single answer.

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Course Hero

Website Link:

Sites like TextSheet gives you access to more than 30 million research tools related to the course. The platform is well structured for easily finding a course, notes, and answers.

Students can easily find research tools here by simply typing their school name, subject, or books, or by filtering the documents by course, question and description, research articles.

They’re finding material around the world and sharing it. You’ll get answers to activities relevant to history and economics.

Students and tutors can upload lessons and solutions. For each subject, you can find practical issues, research guides, videos, class notes and step-by-step explanations.

In addition, material is available for literature, science and other subjects. This is the primary solution to the challenges in work. It offers 24/7 homework support, customized instruction by subject experts.

You will get quality data on your fingertips from the official web site or the smartphone. They’re also available on Android and iOS.

If you buy any premium plan they gives you ultimate features like they has vast library of notes, test materials, study guides, homework questions and more.

Besides expert tutors answering your hardest questions in as fast as 15 minutes.

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Website Link:

studylib is the excellent textSheet alternative, a website to learn more easily and retain the experience for longer provides a wide variety of solved problems and homework solutions.

You can create your own flashcards with custom images and audio just one click.  

Besides, you can read, print, and download millions of worksheets, assignments, labs, lesson plans and other content for free.

Nevertheless, finding answers to your homework is an excellent method. When you want to support your fellow students, you can post your notes too.

studylib has a very simple and user-friendly interface that helps you to find answers for all sorts of subjects like Maths, Biology, Business and Finance, History, and so on.

If you want to use this site you need to signup even though you can also add papers and other documents in your personal collection.

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Website Link:

Chegg is an American online education company based in Santa Clara, California. The online portal is useful for college students.

It Provides digital and physical textbook rentals, online tutoring, and other student resources.

Chegg provides a wide variety of assignment solutions and you can also ask experts to answer your query if it has not been answered already.

They offer you, tutors, in a live lesson space including a virtual whiteboard, or chat via text, audio or video.

If you are looking for an answer to one lesson then you will pay some amount for this below you can check out their pricing.

Chegg operates a massively discounted online textbook portal, potentially saving thousands of students in college textbooks.

You can rent them at very cheap rates, or you can purchase them straight away. If you’re done with a textbook that you already own, you can get some cash back by selling it on Chegg’s marketplace.

You’re going to get an instant quote in seconds, and you’re going to get paid as soon as they get your item.

Paper Help

Website Link:

PaperHelp is an Excellent alternative to textsheet Since 2008 it helps students to provide solutions in a variety of fields. It also has a personalized writing portal.

The platform will help you to write your assignment paper irrespective of whether you are in high school, college, or Ph.D. student.

New perspective and structured methodology save time. Key solutions are available to academics, college-goers, or university students.

You will gain the advantages of a nice, high-quality solution.

Simply just apply your assignment or paper request and they’ll give you a price that depends on the duration (words or pages), complexity and how quickly you need it.

You can access this website from your mobile phones and  IOS devices.

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Website Link:

BookFinder has made it easy to buy every book at the best price. Whether you want the cheapest copy to read or a particular collectible edition, with BookFinder, you’re only going to find the good book.

You can compare prices for new and used textbooks, rentals, old editions, and international textbooks. searches the collection of more than 100,000 booksellers worldwide, accessing millions of books with just one quick move.

You may also choose to limit the search to the first editions, signed editions, or hardcover versions.

Search ISBN to ensure that you find the exact edition or search by author, title and year of publication.


Website Link:

Shmoop is a website that provides students a range of study materials written by experts.

You can find the free stuff like quotes, videos, study guides, Career and College Resources etc.

It has large amount of information about test preparation, online courses.

Shmoop solutions are completely digital and are designed to promote both learning in schools and distance learning.

Programs include individual teaching subscriptions, college level programs, district level plans, and even state-wide programmes.

It offers premium study tools, test readiness, courses and homeschool.


Website Link:

GradeSaver offers high-quality research guides.

Written and edited by the students of Harvard. ClassicNotes are the best book notes available online, in PDF format or in Amazon print form.

It is the perfect platform for asking questions, finding answers and discussing literature.

You can search for textbook by entering the textbook title, author’s name or ISBN.

They offers essay editing services and it has high quality sample literature essays, college application essays, law school essays, medical school admission essays, and business school essays.


Website Link:

CrazyForStudy access millions of comprehensive, step-by-step textbook strategies guides for a variety of academic disciplines at once.

They have access to over 50 million questions and answers, and they have direct access to 24/7 homework.

You can access millions of Explanatory Course-specific Q&As simultaneously. Also post your queries in case of unavailable Q&A.

CrazyForStudy assures that any assignment of assist you buy from them is 100% plagiarism-free, and offers a very fast turnaround.

Find answers to the problems described in particular academic textbooks that are applicable to every level, just at CFS.

From only $7 a month, you can stick to the name, author, or ISBN of your textbook and get quality answers right away.

They have material with most mainstream fields, such as Economics, Humanities, Computer Science, Finance and so on.

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Spark Notes

Website Link:

Spark Notes, founded in 1999 by Harvard students Sam Yagan, Max Krohn, Chris Coyne and Eli Bolotin originally part of a website called the Spark. They offers the answer keys to your questions.

It provided literature, poetry, history, film, and philosophy study guides.

It’s a common tool for high school learners.

You’ll get answers related to literature, poetry. It’s the best alternative textbook.

If you’re looking for the best study material then Spark Notes could be best choice for you.

You’re still going to get pop culture reference. About 100,000 individuals use Sparknotes to engage in content and solutions.

SparkNotes doesn’t charge users but rather receives advertisement revenue.

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Here’s the end of the list of textsheet Alternative where you can find your study material. In addition you can ask questions to “experts” who answered you quickly. These websites will direct you to get answers to all your questions.

Chegg and litanswers are wonderful websites helping to discover the most solutions. In case you are bored or busy completing your homework, Paper Support would be useful.

If you want to write an essay, assignment, or any other topic assignment then provides high quality and unique assignment writing services.  

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