The impact of core web vitals on your website

Since May 2021, core web vitals have become a vital factor for search engine rankings. Whilst content is still at the top of the list, technical SEO has certainly gained more significance this year. Because technology is consistently and perpetually evolving, functionality and operating procedures tend to change as well. As a result, companies across the UK prefer working with an SEO company that offers top-notch SEO services in London.  

Working with a professional SEO company streamlines all endeavors across digital campaigns. Highly functional collaboration has now become essential for business success. A professional SEO agency enables companies to reach their true potential via a series of exercises that attract web traffic; A crucial part of which is enhancing core web vitals. 

What are CWV (core web vitals)? 

Core web vitals are metrics that have been included in ‘Google’s page experience insights’ which measure the user experience of a website. In simple terms, these metrics measure a variety of different factors, such as – the speed at which a user can interact with the webpage and even the results that the user receives. There are three major factors considered by search engine Google:

LCP ( Largest Content Paint)

This is a metric that quantifies the amount of time in seconds taken for the largest image, text block, or graphic to be displayed on the device, from the moment the page starts loading. The primary objective of this metric is to measure the amount of time it takes for the main content of a page to load.

CLS (Cumulative Layout Shift) 

This metric qualifies that a website is without glitches or confusing actions that might discourage users from using it.

FID (First Input Delay) 

This metric measures two factors – 1) The speed at which the browser provides results, and 2) How responsive the pages of the website are when they’re interacted with? 

As you can imagine, Google has now begun focusing on the technical aspects of SEO to ensure high-quality content to its users. This is why it’s become increasingly important for British companies to work with an SEO company in the UK

Seasoned SEO agencies know what steps must be taken in order to improve the cumulative experience of a website. They may run a series of exercises that help improve the three metrics of core web vitals:

Decreasing the quantity of JS (javascript) execution

A poor FID means that your website only responds to users after more than 300 ms. A useful tip might be to reduce and optimise your JS execution. What this does is essentially reduce the time between the execution of a browser’s JS code and the page itself loading. 

It may also be beneficial to use as little memory as possible. This is because caching can slow down a webpage. 

Loading can be stabilized. 

Cumulative layout shift occurs when images lack CSS dimensions. An example of CLS is – If you see a webpage looks ready, however, when a button is hit, a shift in content occurs, and a slow-loading advert is displayed in its place. Such a glitch is extremely annoying for users and increases the risk of them ‘bouncing’. CLS can also occur as a result of dynamically injected content. 

Because a few elements are not given proper dimensions, they can change positions randomly as a page load, which makes the webpage appear unstable. Now, it is important to note that optimising CLS won’t get your webpage to load any quicker; more that it can make users ‘feel’ as if it does. 

One of the simplest ways to remedy CLS and uplift core vitals is by including the dimensions of an image in CSS. As a result, any instability on a page will be reduced. Another exercise could be to add some kind of low-res placeholder. 

Image optimisation is key. 

Whilst this may seem quite obvious to many, a large number of websites do not optimise their images. This results in slow loading websites that cause users a great amount of irritation. It’s extremely important to optimise images as they can make a very real impact on your website by making it significantly smaller in data size and improving speed. As a result, your LCP score and search rankings will be positively impacted. 

LCP results can be improved by reducing the overall page size and compression of its images. One of the key reasons for not optimising images is that many believe compression can degrade the quality of images. However, the difference in quality is only visible when zoomed in. As they are displayed on a page, there’s often no noticeable difference in quality.

Enhancing external scripts.  

For a lot of websites, slow loading speeds can also be caused by external factors. Many websites depend on ad scripts from external providers. If they perform poorly, this will impact the performance of your website too. If your website relies on third-party ad scripts that are not performing optimally, it may be time to switch providers. 

This is an issue that should be seriously considered. It may be beneficial to re-evaluate your partnership with your ad script provider. Don’t be nervous about this, you will find a different provider out there, one that offers greater optimisation and less stress on your servers. 

Core web vital reports are rolled out frequently, and it is important that you consistently work on improving them. You will be able to find a report on the Google search console account associated with your website. 

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About the author:

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