The popularity of apartments among international students

The UK is undoubtedly one of the most popular destinations for studying abroad for many international students. The country is home to many prestigious colleges and universities with its rich history and culture. As such many students come flocking to this beautiful place to get their degrees and the college experience of a lifetime. One of the most important decisions that a student studying abroad has to make is the place of stay for the duration of their degree. Some people like to stay in on-campus accommodation while others prefer to have their place outside the university premises.

Living off-campus, perhaps in an en- suite, has its charm as it allows you to explore the place in your leisure. You can easily rent an apartment in the middle of the city thoroughfares and enjoy the diversity and vibrant culture of the local populace.

Living in an apartment gives you that ‘home away from home’ feeling when you are studying abroad in a foreign land. Many international students who live off-campus wish to have their apartment. Foreign students in Liverpool find it very easy to get apartments on rent which is within their budget and has all the necessities that a student could ask for. 

As a student living in a dorm room within the campus premises, you have to adhere to the rules and regulations of the dorm and the resident assistants who enforce those rules. There are also strict penalties in place for people who break these rules and students can also be expelled for untimely rent payment.

However, if you live in your apartment you are not bound to follow any rules. You can come and go as you please and you are not answerable to anyone. As long as you pay your rent on time and do not get involved in any illegal activities living in an apartment is certainly the better option because it gives you a lot more freedom than living in a dorm house.

Living in an apartment would also mean that you get to have a say in who your roommate is. If you both cannot get along you can easily move out into another apartment or get them to leave.

A dorm room has the basic amenities that are student requires like a beds desk and a table however if you live in an apartment you can have your own kitchen space dining area your bedroom and bathroom. You can easily entertain your friends in the living room or throw a small party in your apartment. Apartments offer you a lot of privacy which is important when you are living abroad and especially when you have to study before your exams. Some apartments also come equipped with parking areas or maybe a gym or a game room. This is not possible if you live inside the university premises.

Living in an apartment all by yourself can get expensive but if you live with one or two roommates the cost can come down drastically. The rent for an apartment is comparatively higher so if you want privacy within a certain budget you can stay in shared apartments. Moreover you can find apartments of all shapes and sizes outside the university premises so you have a lot of options to choose from.

From the financial aspect, dorm rooms are comparatively cheaper than apartments but when you live in a dorm you might have to get a mess plan for your meals. This can make cheap university accommodation not so cheap. However, when you live in an apartment you do not have to adhere to any such obligation You can plan your meals according to what you want to have.

Living in an apartment will certainly give you a lot of freedom to make your living and food choices but you should also remember that it can get expensive very quickly if you don’t watch your finances and plan out your monthly budget accordingly. Another consideration that must be kept in mind for students who are considered living in an apartment is that the furniture in a dorm room inside the college premises comes along with the room. However, if you stay in an apartment you might have to bring your furniture and other household appliances that you wish to use. The electric bill for using these appliances every month will be a separate cost which is not a problem when you live inside university accommodation.

Students who wish to live off-campus can also choose to live in astudio or private residence hall if they think that it will be more budget-friendly and easy on their pockets. Off-campus private halls of residences can be quite similar to the campus accommodation. You will have your room and you share mutual zones like a kitchen or television room with others. However, the main difference is that these are privately owned businesses and they will have more facilities. Private halls can be a great meeting ground for people studying at the same university. Staying in a dual occupancy studio in the middle of the city thoroughfares can certainly help you enjoy the perks of living in the UK.

The distance and location of your accommodation from the university is an important consideration when you are living off-campus. Your house should have good transport connectivity if you choose to live some distance away from the university. Ideally, you should find an apartment or shared en suitewithin walking distance to save money on commute.

 Where you stay while pursuing your degree can be an important factor in determining your entire college life experience. It is always hard staying away from home and its comforts when you are an international student. On top of it, if you don’t find a housing facility according to your likes, college life can get miserable pretty fast. Therefore make sure that you choose a place that you like student apartments Liverpool and that is well within your budget. Choosing the right place to stay while studying abroad is one of the main things that we make sure that your study experience in a foreign country is memorable. 

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