Top 11 Apps To Learn Spanish


italki is the best app for online learning the Spanish language. You can also learn 150+ foreign languages on; Primarily, people benefit from talking when they go on traveling. This is a mainly used website in foreign languages. 


Babbel was launched in 2007. You can learn Spanish online, as well as about 15 other languages. It’s easy to use and can be customized to meet your needs. This application is ideal for anyone looking to travel to Latin America for business purposes. Babbel’s interface is fun and growing in popularity every year. There are two learning modules available: language and tools. Babbel can help you learn bilingualism, regardless of your level. This interactive application is based on oral, written, and simple exercises.


MosaLingua is a fantastic learning app for Spanish and other languages. This app is multi-platform and provides lessons according to scientifically supported spacing repetition. This app helps you to remember words through vocabulary activities. MosaLingua contains 3,000 cards that include key phrases and words. You will be able to see the same key phrases and words repeated as you progress through the levels. This helps you remember as many words as possible.


Mondly is a fantastic reference app for learning a new language in a matter of years. It supports 33 languages. Mondly’s greatest advantage is its ability to seamlessly combine Babbel’s learning method with Duolingo while still offering its own features. You will learn to communicate written and spoken vocabulary, grammar, and other skills. You have the option to choose where you want to learn Spanish. You can travel, learn for work, or enhance your skills. The app’s real advantage is its intuitive chatbot, which guides and assists you throughout your learning journey.


FluentU is the most recent application. FluentU offers Spanish podcasts as well as other digital information formats. FluentU is, therefore, our most innovative app. FluentU has many tools. These range from vulgar videos like music videos to more simple ones like news or ads. One problem with language learning is solved by this training. You will notice a lot of gaps in your conversation after many days of practice.


Busuu is also a well-known app in the world like italki app. The application is light at just a few megabytes and offers lessons similar to school. This application will teach vocabulary and grammar and provide dialogues in the form of stories or audio files that will aid your understanding. Phonetics of words. This English version covers 150 themes, just like the English version. There are 3,000 sentences that you can listen to or read. Busuu can help you increase your knowledge in both everyday and professional settings.


The summer is ending abruptly. Holidays offer the chance to travel, discover new countries, learn foreign languages, and make new friendships. Memrise is an app that allows you to quickly and easily learn Spanish. 

Memrise is a vocabulary-based learning tool that will allow you to quickly learn Spanish by repeating them at certain times. These maps can be enhanced and made by the community. If you are looking to improve your training, paid subscriptions are an option.


Duolingo can be used to learn languages. Duolingo is a great tool to learn Spanish and other languages. This application can be installed on your smartphone and will default to French. It uses fun games to teach you the language. It is Spanish in this case, you can practice grammar, punctuation, and listening comprehension. Learning is slow and well-structured throughout the applications. The learning process becomes more difficult as the difficulty increases. This will enable you to quickly grasp even the most complicated terms of Spanish.


This application is quite different from the others you’ve used. Fill out the language you know, and add the languages you want to learn. Next, you will need to indicate your interests and the topics you are most interested in. Tandem offers profiles of people interested in learning your language and can help you learn it. This is a great way for you to meet people worldwide and exchange cultural views. Tandem is completely free and offers the chance to learn new languages and meet new people. In a relaxed, academic atmosphere, you will be both a student and a teacher.


MindSnacks can be used by anyone. Your account is available to all ages, regardless of age, whether you are 6-8, 8-9, 11-12, 12, or 12. Through the application, you will be able to read, speak, and learn Spanish. You must complete 24 challenges. There are 50 lessons to be learned and 1,500 words to improve your Spanish. MindSnacks, a San Francisco-based American startup, offers brain training for a great cause.

Nemo Espagnol

Nemo Spanish is an online Spanish-language learning platform that targets those who already speak Spanish. It is cross-platform and has audio features that let you record your accent to improve it. This is for those who plan to travel to Spain shortly. This helps them to learn Spanish pronunciation.