Top 7 Web 2.0 Name Generator [Updated]

Want to create the right domain name for your business? If so then you’re in right place. Here we’ll compile the list of web 2.0 name generator for you. One of the most crucial steps in creating a brand or business is choosing the right domain.

Of course, nowadays it’s difficult to find out the best domain name but here seomadtech will help you to find out you’re best domain name.

 So look at the list of Web 2.0 Name Generators

Top 7 Web 2.0 Name Generator


Dot-o-mator is one of the best web 2.0 name generator platforms that helps you to find out a good domain name.  Just you simply click on “Name generation” and your domain name is automatically generated within sec. It offered a bunch of Web 2.0 names that are unique, branded, catchy and everyone remembers the domain produced.

You can check the availability of any .com, .net, or .org domain name. This tool is free to use no need to signup required and it also for iPhone users.

Visit: Dot-o-mator

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Namenation is a Web 2.0 domain name search engine that offers search assistance, keyword suggestions, and name variants. In addition, it’s a fast bulk domain check tool. You will be able to create find out the random and catchy word combinations domain name. Websites have their own keywords, which are then creatively merged.

When searching for usable domains, it has many search methods that help save time and money. With a few mouse clicks, you can help determine a large number of name suggestions.

Visit: Namenation


Nomaine is an easy and unique name generator tool. For your website, the tool generates arbitrary, easy-to-understand, and pronounceable names. You may personalize your list by adding prefixes or suffixes to customize and restrict the number of syllables. You can always verify the availability of the name as the quest progresses.

They offer you over 4 million domains to choose from and add new domains to their portfolio daily.

Visit: Nomaine

Surf7’s Web 2.0 name generator is a great and simple tool for coming up with short and innovative names for your website. You’ll be able to find a domain name and verify its availability in two easy steps.

Simply click “Check availability,” and you’ll be presented with all the details you need.

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Visit: Surf7


Domaintyper is one of the best web 2.0 name generators that searches your domain with a secured SSL connection. It uses Ajax.  When you press the “Generate” button, the tool will generate a list of unique Web 2.0 names for you. All your search information is not saved in their database.

They have a flexible interface you can choose your favorite domain name instantly. It helps you create a new brand name easier.

Visit: Domaintyper


Panabee is a simple domain name search website. With the help of panabee you can find different domain extensions like .io or .us. It helps to find a domain name in your home country.

It works well with two words (e.g., tech life). You can very easily get your name with a simple one click.

Visit: Panabee


Domainwheel is a free Short Website for web 2.0 name generator, add one or more keywords to help you come up with new domain names. It can be any combination of letters or a complete phrase.

Here’s the end of the list. If you’re looking for cool, smart, funny, creatives web 2.0 name generators then you can use above listed tools that will definitely useful for you and fulfill your requirements.

Visit: DomianWheel

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