Top Digital Marketing Trends That Will Help Businesses Survive & Thrive in 2021 & Beyond

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With many businesses looking for an affordable link building service, everyone intends to remain competitive in today’s digital era. There was a time when aspects like data-driven marketing, VSEO (voice search engine optimization), and AI (artificial intelligence) were concepts that were being doubted by many.

Today, these innovative aspects have become an integral part of the top digital marketing trends for 2021 and beyond. And why wouldn’t it be so? After all, the world has witnessed enormous changes; while everyone has become an integral part of Digital Darwinism, businesses are equally forced to adapt to the changes regarding consumer behavior.

Don’t take things slow: we are passing through an era where technology evolves fast, and businesses are finding it harder to predict the interests and behavior of potential consumers. That said, business owners and digital marketers can no longer rely on their conventional digital marketing strategies.

Understandably, the same old learned techniques won’t work in today’s online landscape. Read on to learn more about four digital marketing trends that will help businesses survive and thrive in 2021 and beyond.

AI (Artificial Intelligence)

By now, everyone must have realized it – the world is currently being dominated by AI, which means that soon, artificial intelligence will be operating at the core of nearly all businesses and industries. If we assess how things are contemporary, we see that AI has already taken over different jobs, such as the K5 Knightscope robots.

Uber and Microsoft are currently using these robots as a replacement for humans for the patrolling of outdoor spaces, especially parking lots. These robots have proven fruitful in the prevention of crimes as they can report all kinds of suspicious activity, read license plates, and gather relevant data to report back to their respective companies.

The pervasiveness of AI in businesses was already predicted back in 2020 in a report published by Harvard Business. According to the review, AI presents countless commercial opportunities for companies, businesses, and industries. Any business, who will not take AI seriously today, will suffer from a massive competitive disadvantage later, in the upcoming years and decades.


Chatbots are part of AI and are predicted to become an essential digital marketing trend in 2021 and beyond. This technology refers to instant responses to customer queries in real-time 24/7. It has been analyzed that chatbots generate greater customer satisfaction.

We are living in a fast-paced era, which is why no one really likes to wait to get answers to their queries. It is like waiting in a long queue to get an answer, which is where chatbots fit in. It has been predicted that chatbots will make up 80% of customer service in 2021.

Businesses that don’t want to leave any of their clients unattended are very much looking forward to integrating chatbots and benefiting from the 24/7 services of generating instant replies to clients’ queries and questions.

One essential fact about chatbots is that they sound more professional than humans. Besides, they also generate prompt and accurate replies while assessing (recalling) the client’s history without taking up much of their (the client’s) time. Thus, outstanding customer service can be generated with the help of chatbots, which further increases clientele and meets more than customer’s expectations.

Social Media Stories

The numbers of social media users are increasing with each passing day. As a matter of fact, people are increasingly turning to social media as an outlet for their opinions and to stay in contact with their friends, family, and the world in general.

Social media is an effective platform to connect with your broader audience and let them know about the face behind the brand. You might have already used the new features of “My Story” on Snapchat first. Now, this feature has become an integral part of Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

Many businesses who want to stand out from their competitors are making effective use of this concept to connect with their potential clients and unveil their own stories. The best thing about this feature is that it disappears after some time, which can create the perfect marketing opportunity for digital marketers while inducing FOMO (the fear of missing out) in their followers/target audience.

Some of the essential benefits of using social media stories include the following:

·         Boosting brand awareness

·         Boost in website traffic

·         Opportunity to expand your target audience

·         Cost-effective method for boosting brand visibility

Many businesses include polls in their Instagram stories and expand their target audience while making their followers an active part of their business marketing campaign. This aspect leads us to the next part of essential digital marketing trends for 2021 and beyond.

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VSEO (Voice Search Engine Optimization)

As we pass through 2021, we are gradually moving towards a contactless and touchless society, which is why businesses can expect an increase in the trend of voice search and smart speakers. It has been estimated that at least 50% of all internet searches will be conducted via voice search by 2021. By 2022, more than 50% of the population will be owning and using smart speakers.

At least 70% of people currently owning or will own a voice-activated speaker will use voice-search as an integral part of their daily lives. The global shipments of smart speakers will grow up to 26 million units in the upcoming years.

Voice search is now playing a crucial role in generating relevant and accurate information which people are searching for while looking for products and services. Voice search is an essential part of AI (Artificial Intelligence), and this innovative digital marketing strategy isn’t only about relevancy.

The adaptation of voice-search is also about generating a unique customer-user experience to further strengthen the bond between potential customers and businesses. VSEO also promises to induce brand loyalty, which is why many businesses are integrating voice search in their latest digital marketing strategies.

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Final Thoughts

Since more and more businesses are becoming digitized, we face other issues that cannot be ignored, such as website security. As we live in a digital era, everything has changed, including how we work, conduct business transactions, sell, and buy online.

Living in an online landscape is a challenge for everyone, and when a visitor lands on your business website for the first time, they will assess the site for security measurements. If they don’t feel safe on your website, they will leave abruptly, causing an increase in the website’s bounce rates.

In 2021, while businesses include the top essential digital marketing trends in their business strategies, they should take notes on the importance of website security, which is no longer an option – it is mandatory.

By highlighting a security seal on your business website, you will reassure all potential visitors that you take their safety very seriously.  

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