Top trending technologies employed by online Games

The introduction of digital technology has changed the face of almost all industries, and casinos are not left behind. It was hard to believe a few years ago that an individual would be able to gamble from anywhere they like. But technology has made it possible to play your favourite casino game on the go. With the introduction of high-speed internet and various modern portable devices, casino games are more accessible than ever before.

The ever-changing customer demands have a strong impact on casino operators to look for new ways to maintain their customers base. The casino industry is continuously reinventing emerging trends that are worth checking out.

Safer online casino games

With the deployment of new technologies, casino scams are becoming less common. The major focuses of improvements are:

  • KYC (Know Your Customer) process
  • Legal compliance
  • Two-factor authentication including facial recognition
  • Faster and secure transactions

A safer casino attracts more players.

Online slot games

Technology advancement has facilitated gamblers with the ability to access a wide range of slot games as per their choices. A player is free to choose a slot game of their liking and can play from his preferred location at any time.

The fascinating part is that most casinos offer a few slot rounds for free, allowing a player to play in demo mode, making them more comfortable before playing with real money. Players can enjoy different slot machines, roulette, blackjack, poker and other online casino games.

Introduction of live dealers

The advancement in technology has incorporated the interaction of its players with live dealers. Now the improved graphics have made it possible for gamblers to interact with live dealers and their fellow players. The casino-like environment with live streaming has made online casinos more fascinating. You can also download mobile casino appsand join games at your favourite live dealer casinos, with real people, from the comfort of your home.


Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin and Ethereum are being used as a payment method, allowing transactions to be made anonymously and almost commission-free. Trusted websites have undergone a decentralized system, where data is secure and free of any manipulation.

Introduction of crypto has enabled transaction requests to be produced instantly, without the need to wait for funds. Blockchain technology, known as the backbone of crypto, has enabled the entire transaction process to be more transparent to make the gambling experience safer and secure for players.

Cloud Computing

One of the most trending technologies of 2020-2021 is cloud computing. It has enabled users to access files and use applications from any device and location.

Prime advantages of cloud computing are:

  • Cost-efficiency
  • Unlimited storage
  • Easier data backup
  • Enables up-to-date software versions
  • Allow users to access files anytime and from anywhere

Themed games

Visualizing your favourite character is a lot more fun, and advanced technology has made this possible. In the coming years, players will be able to interact with their favourite characters while playing slots. Themed games are sure to be a hit in the near future with increased demand in online casinos.

Online gaming companies will innovate and create gambling machines with a certain brand, making them more appealing to the players. The perfect example is Playtech, which created slot machines based on DC Comics characters, such as Batman v/s Superman, which has taken the online casino market by storm.

Skill-based games

Online casinos are going to be more concentrated on skill-based games in the coming years. Casinos have already started to develop games that require not only luck but also skill. The idea is to attract a new generation of players who are more inclined towards skill-based casino games. The more skilled a gambler is, the better will be their chances of winning.

Improved graphics

Improved graphics will be the most significant trend in the gaming industry. The ability to create a virtual world which looks like a real-world has changed the way people see games. AR and VR technology help create a virtual environment and characters that have completely transformed the gaming experience. Thanks to the advanced graphic techniques, the online casino gaming world now offers a real land-based casino like experience.


Technology is serving the world of gambling with new innovations every day. AR and VR technologies have resulted in massive changes in the online casino gaming industry that promises to grow with leaps and bound in the near future.

Truly, online casinos are striving to improve the gaming experience of their audience and it won’t be long before they would outgrow brick-and-mortar casinos.

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