Turn your Bad Crypto Habits into Good Ones. Here’s How

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Do you have bad crypto habits that you want to eliminate but you simply cannot for some reason? You are not alone. Many crypto traders experience the same thing. Interestingly, we cannot understand negative commands. So, if you tell yourself you will never commit a bad habit again, the tendency is that you will do it again. But do not worry because turning bad habits into good ones is possible. These few strategies might help you.

Acknowledge your bad habits.

The first step is to be aware of your bad habits. Perhaps, you know some of them. But there are some habits that you are not fully aware of. So, you have to observe yourself or conduct some introspection. In addition, you may also research them and ask yourself if you are guilty of doing them. Here are some examples: not doing your research, giving up on learning about crypto, concentrating on a shitcoin, not having other sources of income, not HODLing or panic selling, investing all of your money in a single coin, not taking profits, leaving all of your coins in the crypto exchange, not being security conscious, not diversifying your portfolio, listening to everyone, and trading crypto with high leverage.

So, have you listed one that you think is one of your bad habits? Start from here. Recognise it. And instead of trying to cut it off, reduce it. For instance, if you cannot stop getting obsessed with shitcoins, try to reduce the number of shitcoins that you visit each day and be consistent with them. That little effort toward self-control could lead to a decrease in checking out useless coins over time.

Identify the triggers

Now that you are conscious of when you perform your bad habits consider what causes them. It can be the people around you or random situations. If you know what triggers you, you can prepare for it. By avoiding the things that trigger bad habits, you can make it easier to break them. If you tend to listen to everybody, say in buying and selling, then do not talk to them.

Replace the bad habit

It is difficult to break bad habits. It is far easier to assign new habits to pre-existing triggers. What are you going to do when that trigger occurs? Create a new habit to replace the old one.

“If-then” scenarios are among the most effective tools for avoiding triggers. Create a strategy using if and then statements. Tell yourself, “If I am tempted to (insert bad habit), I will (insert alternative) instead.” For example, if I attempt to panic sell, I will do some quick research first and hold it for a while.

Rather than relying on willpower, research shows that people perform significantly better when they already have an established “if-then” process in place. Use baby steps, prioritise consistency, and reward yourself for “small wins.” Savouring these small victories on a daily basis may lead to the permanent removal of the bad crypto habit.

Pair Up with somebody

Everybody needs a little help from their friends or somebody. Join forces to quit with someone who has the same issue. You two may hold each other accountable and share in each other’s accomplishments. A strong motivator realises that someone else is counting on you to perform better. You can also go to crypto experts, such as crypto brokers, who can help you with your crypto trading journey. Novice traders could access some trader-broker connecting platforms to seek help from professional and reliable crypto brokers worldwide. These experts can guide your decision-making, so you will not have to contemplate trading matters alone anymore.

Try to picture yourself succeeding.

See yourself not trading crypto with high leverage or putting all capital in a single coin, or not leaving all your coins in the crypto exchange. Whatever the bad habit is that you want to stop, picture yourself succeeding at it, grinning, and having a good time. Imagine creating a new persona for yourself.

Final Thoughts 

Your initial objective should not be to condemn or feel bad about doing something unhealthy or counterproductive. The primary objective is to be aware of when and how frequently it occurs. By being conscious of the issue, you can better comprehend it. After that, you can begin to put the said suggestions into practice. It takes time and effort to break poor crypto habits, but persistence is ultimately necessary. Even if you do not experience success immediately, you can still do so.

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