Twitter Video Download: How to download Twitter videos on Android, iPhone, Chrome, Windows

We know that a lot of videos trending on Twitter and sometimes need to save on devices. As we know that there is no option to download Twitter Video because of the copyright policies. But what will do next to download Twitter videos? If you’re looking for a stop solution on how to download Twitter videos on your Android, iPhone, or computer then here we’ll provide you the best way to download these videos without any hassle. However, there are many applications and websites are available on the internet that helps to download Twitter video from Twitter platform. So without any doubt, you can check out the article.

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How to Download Twitter Videos on Android

How to Download Twitter Videos on Android
How to Download Twitter Videos on Android

Do you have an Android Phone and want to download Twitter videos on your smartphone? then the android application can also be used to download a Twitter video. To download Twitter videos, you must first download the Download Twitter Videos application on your smartphone. This app helps you to download Twitter videos to your device in an easy and quick way, so you can open the video anytime, anywhere you want. The following is the steps

  1. On your smartphone, open the Twitter app and go to the Tweet with the video you want to save.
  2. Tap the Share button, then click Copy the Link to Tweet
  3. Now paste the link into the Download Twitter Videos app at the bottom right corner of the page and just click the download icon.

The downloading will start in the background and takes time to download videos it depends on the length of the video. Simply just go to your gallery and open the video that you want to watch offline or you can open the application and select the video you want to watch.

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How to Download Twitter Videos on Chrome

How to Download Twitter Videos on Chrome

Download twitter video on your chrome browser extension it’s a very easy task just follow the below steps

  1. Open Chrome web store and search for Video Downloader Professional extension.
  2. Then click on Add to Chrome to install the extension on your Chrome browser.
  3. Next, open Twitter in Chrome browser and navigate to the video you wish to save
  4. A notification will appear on the VideoDownloader Professional addon when you play the video.
  5. When you click it, the extension will provide you the choice to download the video in various file sizes. After selecting the type of file size the video will automatically download.

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How to Download Twitter Videos on Desktop

How to Download Twitter Videos on Desktop

You can download videos from Twitter on the Desktop very easily. Twitter video downloader is a website where you can download any Twitter video instantly. You just need to go website and download your favorite videos from Twitter. The following are the steps you need to do

  1. Open Twitter and search for the video you want to download on your desktop
  2. After, copy the direct link of the tweet that contains the video you want to download.
  3. Go to Twitter Video Downloader website and Paste the copied link in the URL box and hit the click on Download.

To save this video, right-click on the Download button, Save Link As and enter the name for this video. The website provides different video formats you can save the videos according to your need and click on the Download button.

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How to Download Twitter Videos on iOS & iPhone

How to Download Twitter Videos on iOS & iPhone

The download Videos from twitter its not easy task as compared to android phones although iPhone. You can download the video on your iPhone with the help of Documents by Readle so let’s follow the steps

  1. Open the twitter video that you want to download and play on the full screen.
  2. After, Tap the share icon and then select share tweet via option.
  3. Now, copied the link once copied the link open apple store from your phone and search document by reddle and install it.
  4. After open the app and tap the safari app icon,
  5. After go to twitter video downloader, simply paste the copied url in the box and tap the download button and choose the size that you prefer to download.
  6. After name the file and choose the location where you want to download the video and tap done.
  7. Now, start download the twitter video on the download section.

Wait for the video to download the complete, once it is downloaded you can open this video to play offline.

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