Fix: Google’s “Unusual Traffic” Error

Nowadays, Many users suffering Google’s “Unusual Traffic” Error and searching for solutions to it, So in this article, we will give you a solution for this error. The problem is not big easily you can resolve. There are several problems such as network connection, VPN, Malicious content, browser issue, quickly searching, Extensions, and Automated search tool that’s why this Google error message. Below We will discuss the all issue in brief.

Why causes the “Unusual Traffic” Error Occurs

There are a couple of scenarios that can cause this Google error message.

1.Connected to a VPN

This error is received by many users because they are using a VPN connection. This is an common issue.

2. Quickly searching

You may have searched for too many items too fast, and Google flagged those searches as automatic.

3. Network Connection

If a shared public IP address such as a public proxy server is used by your network, Google could have activated the message based on traffic from other people’s devices. Additionally, if many users on your network were looking at once, this error might be caused.

4. Automated search tool

Google may flag this as suspicious if you were intentionally running an automated search tool.

5. Use Extensions in Browser

If you’re using third party extension on chrome browser or any browser then Google’s “unusual traffic” error has occurred

6. Malicious content

Although impossible, someone might be using your network for malicious reasons, or you may have been overtaken by a virus.

Methods To Stop the “Unusual Traffic” Error

Here the easy methods to stop this error so lets go,

#1 Method: Execution of Captcha

This error message is common if you know you’ve been running high-frequency Google searches. On the screen, Google will present a CAPTCHA code for you to fill out. Google check that you are a real person and that its network is not exploited by you, and go about your search business. To enlarge the gap for another “unusual traffic” error to occur, hold off on doing more manual Google searches for a few minutes.

#2 Method: Disconnect VPN

If youre connected to VPN and you get error message then Try to disconnect the VPN to see whether that error goes or not. These error are also caused by VPNs, so you can need to disable your VPN to continue to function.

#3 Method: Browser Reset

If the error is triggered by third-party extensions or browser bugs, reset your browser to return to the default configuration. When this is over, restart your device. Any browser plugins might also need to be switched off, such as a search scraper.

#4 Method: Scan your device

If the above four methods not working for you then you can try this method to scan your devices and clean up your computer if there’s a virus infected.  To ensure that you don’t have any of the malicious programs Google is looking out for, install the PC Cleaner application that helps to improve the performance of your system and solve your error.


That’s all, we have given you a stop solution to Google’s “Unusual Traffic” Error if still getting error then we recommended you can contact to Google help center they help will assist you to solve your error.

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