Ways of Utilization of Google Trends to Increase Social Media Engagement

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As a rule, those things which users are looking for on Google match with what they are looking for and post about on social media. This sounds obvious but do social media marketers actually muse about this? From 75,000 Google requests per second, keyword search data should necessarily be that can assist to boost social media engagement.
That’s a large amount of information for consideration. For this reason, utilization of Google data and particularly Google Trends can change game rules for social media marketers who are searching for benefits over their competitors. In order to have a better representation of how to utilize this data best, you can analyze the experience of top marketers in how they are utilizing Google Trends for their social campaigns.

Definition of Google Trends

For example, your business decided to release a mobile application. While experts that can be found on https://jatapp.com/services/mobile-app-development-services/ are responsible for application creation itself, you can think of how to promote it via Google Trends.
To start with there is a need to answer the questions “what is Google Trends” and “what is Google Trends used for”. Being a platform of Google, Google Trends dissects the popularity of top search requests in different regions and languages. Google Trends can be compared with the trending section of the Twitter platform. There you have a vague idea of what is popular in your district and the entire world. Among distinctions, we can highlight the possibility of Google Trends to demonstrate detailed data on what users of Google are looking for. Google Trends are handy for marketers and business owners since they can comprehend and define the most popular current search requests across the globe.
Users’ Google engagement and searches on Google are tightly connected with social media tendencies. Google and Google Trends can appear a decisive moment in your marketing efforts on social media. Thus, let’s consider and find out how Google Trends can be a helpful tool in conducting social media marketing campaigns successfully.

How to Utilize Google Trends for Social Media Marketing  

Planning campaigns and selecting hashtags are the main areas where Google Trends can assist marketers on social media. Let’s sort them out in detail.

Selecting Hashtags

Hashtags are gaining popularity and become important facets of social media marketing on various platforms such as Tumblr, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. Hashtags relevancy defines coverage and involvement of social media content. Hashtags are not a new concept still marketers do not possess the appropriate knowledge and strategies to utilize them.
Google trends for marketers enable them to discover popular themes and keywords in a region or around the globe and adapt them for the creation of numerous engaging hashtags. It would be more beneficial to utilize several targeted hashtags (from three to four) rather than enumerate tens of irrelevant hashtags.
If you are going to utilize Google Trends for the first time, you can get overwhelmed by the volume of marketing information. Make attempts not to spam hashtags in your posts on social media. Utilize hashtags as humanly as you can. Usage of a large number of hashtags can lead to bad consequences.
First, it can influence the readability of your content. Also, this can deliver an incorrect signal to the algorithm of social media platform ranking. As a result, your content can be detected as spam. Every marketer knows that jokes with algorithms are bad.

Plan Campaigns

There is no doubt that Google Ad trends together with social media platforms can grant detailed data to boost the performance of your campaigns. To double successful results, it is recommended to make a union with Google Trends. For example, you are a seller of laptops at low prices and make a decision to promote them on the Facebook platform. But Facebook’s ad platform can not grant you enough data to create your campaign.
Google Trends is exactly what you need in order to fill up this data gap. Laptop consumers, for example, educational institutions, shops, and businesses utilize Facebook undoubtedly but not for buying laptops. More likely these consumers utilize Google for making purchases.
With the assistance of Google Trends, you can perform a search for your target keyword. This enables you to discover consumers of which region, age, and other demographics are looking for laptops at low prices. After that, you can set up targeting on that location in your ad campaigns on social media. This sounds easy, isn’t it?
What’s more, Google Trends can be handy for the correction and improvement of your inefficient campaign if you know you possess a great product and an intensive campaign to promote it. But you continue to get insufficient Google engagement and involvement. Probably, you are targeting the incorrect audience. By using Google Trends, you can easily check again demographic data you are oriented to. This enables marketers to correct their campaigns in case disadvantages are detected.

Concluding Words

Google Trends is a great instrument for marketers that can be utilized not only for Google search social media marketing but for a broad spectrum of activities. Marketing teams can make use of themes of current interest and terms they extract from Google Trends for SEO improvements, decreased cost-per-click, and raised relevance for search engine marketing.
Unfortunately, Google Trends is an underestimated tool, but you should remember that it can be of high importance for creating proper content and publishing it at a suitable time.
Google Trends is a revolutionary instrument for companies that are making all efforts to get results from their social media marketing forces. Google Trends can be utilized for other tasks, for example, identification of local shopping tendencies, research brand state, and searching for marketing opportunities in real-time. Moreover, Google Trends is a valuable instrument and a great starting point during the creation of a campaign on social media.

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