24 Best Websites like ThinkGeek in 2022

Are you looking for a Thinkgeek alternative? Then you’re land in right place here we will share with you the 24 best ThinkGeek Alternatives.

There are hundreds of online shopping websites available on the internet where you can buy any product that you want. Online shopping is one of the time-consuming and hassle-free techniques, without going to market. We know that Amazon and Flipkart are the most famous websites in the world that sells products in various category. But some particular sites sell products targeting in-group like ThinkGeek.

ThinkGeek was an online store or shop for “computer enthusiasts” and “geek culture” that sells lots of geeky products. But suddenly it was shut down on July 2nd if you want to know where is the ThinkGeek then here are the answers “ThinkGeek is moved to its parent organization site, for example, Gamestop.com and check it here”.

ThinkGeek Alternatives

We all know that ThinkGeek is one of the best online places, where you find a lot of collections of geeky products, the buyers can shop for collectibles, gadgets, home and office, apparel, and many more. The best thing is that there are many online stores like ThinkGeek available on the web. So here is the list of some thinkGeek sites to purchase geeky stuff online without any hassle.


Wish.com is one of the sites like ThinkGeek. It offers more than 100 million quality products. The product is listed in different categories so you can find it very easily. All products are available at a reasonable price. Here you can connect with various buyers to millions of manufactures. You can find here tech-related stuff and daily product at a very low price. If you want to find the appropriate product then just click on the camera icon and upload the images that you want to buy. But keep in mind whenever you buy the product check the reviews because some listed products it’s not good. The Initiative and sleek user interface everyone can handle very smoothly. Without wasting any time you can visit this website.

Five Star

Five Star is a website like ThinkGeek that offers a large range of amazing products like tech&gadgets, lifestyle, home, accessories, unique gifts, Food&drinks,  and many more.


NeatoShop is a very unique website it has a lot of funny and anime stuff. The t-shirt categories include anime manga, books reading, comics&cartoons, funny shirts and so on. Here you can purchase what you are looking for.

Geek Armory

Geek Armory is an online geek platform that provides t-shirts, geek gadgets, games, toys, and much more. Here you can pick something that you are interested in.

The Geeky Store

The Geeky Store is an online store dedicated to geeks. The site has a collection of various products that includes funny, computers, electronics, geeks toys. You can choose your selected product from the categorized from the website without any hassle.

Dude I Want That

DudeIWantThat.com is another online store where you will get different types of gift products. You can find cool new products, fresh unique gifts ideas, and other materials also.  

 The Gift Guy

The Gift Guys is an online store popular for geeks where you can find the latest and unique geeky products. The website has a vast range of amazing products which you can’t find on other websites.

Archie McPhee

Archie McPhee is another online website that sells outstanding stuff to its users. Here you can buy gag gifts, novelties, toys, and the other best stuff. This is one of the best stores and a great alternative to ThinkGeek.

Mental Floss Store

Mental Floss Store is yet another famous online store for Quirky t-shirts, books, games and much more.


DealeXtreme is an online store where you can purchase various gadgets at a reasonable price. The site has a vast collection of stuff that includes cheap electronics, computers, cell phones, car accessories, apparel, iPhones, and so on. It has a cool and easy-to-use interface. You can buy any stuff with ease.


Meritline is a popular and well-known online tech store. It has all kinds of tech gadgets which include DVD Cases, Blank Media, Ink Toner, Flash Memory, iPad, iPhone, Office Supply, Wii, PSP, PS3, Cables, Nintendo DSi Accessories, Gadgets, and more. If youre looking for tech-related stuff then Meritline is one of the stopping places to purchase the stuff. 

Epic Giftables

Epic Giftables is a fast, secure and easy-to-use website where you can purchase different products like unusual toys, ingenious gadgets, apparel, fun decor, lifestyle accessories for workspace and home. Here you will get the fast returning option.

Cool Things

Cool Things is another good website like ThinkGeek. The site offers the latest gizmos, gadgets, gifts, furniture, gear, cars, inventions, toys, and other stuff. These products you may not find on another website.  

Gadgets and Gears

Gadgets and Gear is one of the excellent websites for purchasing various products at a low cost. Here you can find out tech, hidden cameras, surveillance equipment, babysitting cameras, security cameras, and so on.

Sharper Image

Sharper Image is a website where you can find computer-related geeks. The website sells hundreds of innovative stuff, that includes unique gifts, lot of collections of electronic gifts. Although you can find gifts for kids.

Entertainment Earth

Entertainment Earth is a useful online store similar to ThinkGeek. It is one of the solid destinations who are looking for toys, dolls, comics characters, collectibles, statues, clothing.

Scientific Online

Scientific Online is another right place to purchase Scientific products online. On the website, you can buy products related to Robotics, Astronomy, Science kits and much more. You will find kitchen chemistry to practical electronics and from modern robotics to traditional wood kits.


Jinx is a famous online clothing website where you can find various brand-related to geeky interests and gaming. This is the excellent ThinkGeek alternative. This is an outstanding website for computer enthusiasts, gamers, gadgets, robots Eskimos, ninjas, and so on.


GeekBuying is another famous online store like ThinkGeek where you will find tech-related stuff. This site is, especially for a tech lover. If you want to purchase some electronics item which includes TV Box, VR Headset, RC Quadcopter, Quad Copters, smartphones and s Smartphones, and Tablet PC then you can visit this website.


AliExpress is a well-known Chinese store which sells everything that you’re looking for. There are different kinds of electronics gifts, clothes and so many. Finding almost all products at reasonable prices. It is a great alternative to Thinkgeek.


LootCrate is a famous service is called the Geek subscription box that gives the subscriber monthly boxes of gaming and geek items. This is the best website mainly focused on new and popular stuff that has a collection of apparel, gear, and many.


HotRate is an online website where you can find Gaming and Photography items.


Xoxide is an infamous website for computer items, mods, and other unique items.

Well, these listed sites are good alternatives for ThinkGeek. If you find other sites like ThinkGeek then comment below and share with us we’ll definitely add the site.

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