10+ BEST Websites To Download Free PDF Textbooks [Top Picks]

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic hugely impact all schools, and colleges students because the offline education platform was closed and many schools and colleges teachers decided to take the online learning digitally. So that’s there are many students over the globe looking for online classes and websites where they can download textbooks in the form of PDF.

PDF Textbooks are defined as digitized, textbook content displayed in a scientific and intuitive visual, audio, graphic. Hence, there are many Textbooks available in PDF format but we have to pick the Top websites for downloading free PDF textbooks. You can send the request to write my paper they write for you an original paper for free.

10+ BEST sites to download free PDF textbooks [Top Picks]

1. Library Genesis

Library Genesis Websites To Download Free PDF Textbooks

Library Genesis is also known as libgen it’s a website where you can download thousands of PDF textbooks.

The website provides a large range of Textbooks from different fields Such as fiction books to fantasy, crime to science fiction and as well as textbooks, journal articles, academics and so many others.

There are millions of users who use the website to download articles in the form of PDF textbooks. Apart from downloading facility here, you can upload the content which helps other students. Even though you can share and edit the PDF books without any cost.

To download PDF just go through a website enter the name of the books in the search bar and get the results. The site has a sleek and easy-to-access interface. You can read on Kindle, Android, iPad, and other e-reader devices.


  • Large range of college Textbooks.
  • Sleek and initiative Interface.
  • It supports your Kindle, iPad, Android, or other e-reader devices.

2. OpenStax

Openstax Websites To Download Free PDF Textbooks

OpenStax is yet another website for downloading college as well as school-based PDf Textbooks. The website is a non-profit educational organization initiative based at Rice University.

It offers various textbooks on different subjects like mathematics, physics, biology, social sciences, humanities, business, etc.

The best thing is that it meets the standard scope and sequence requirements, which make them easier to use as they adapt to existing courses. Additionally, you can find the same number of high school textbooks on this website.


  • Wide range of Books.
  • Easy to use website
  • LMS Integration and digital reading

3. Open Textbook Library

Open Textbook Library Websites To Download Free PDF Textbooks

Open Textbook Library allows users to edit some parts of an open textbook. It has 12 various subjects like Business, Engineering, Education, Humanities, etc.  The Open Textbook Library website contains many free textbooks that are funded, published, and licensed so you can use them for free.

The best part is that you can able to print the books at minimum cost. On this website, you can browse the subject that you need.

If you’re looking for any subjects for college-level then Open Textbook Library is the best choice for you.


  • Allows you to freely use and adapted.
  • It can be print or digital.
  • write your own open textbook.

4. ScholarWorks

ScholarWorks sites are for college students and a wide range of topics are covered. It is a website maintained by GVSU. It has some advanced features that let you search textbooks by various options by title, author, citation information, and keywords.  

All the textbooks are available for college students. You can search for the desired book just by typing the name of the author, subject, keyword, etc.


  • A large number of college textbooks
  • Very good search methods

5. PDF Search Engine

PDF Search engine offers a wide collection of free PDF textbooks and downloads them onto your computer or another device.

It is simple to use a platform like another search engine (Google, Bing, and Yahoo). The best thing is that you can download the text in various formats.

Just go through a website and enter the query into the search box and hit the search button. You will get the relevant result related to your query. You can browse the different books that you want.


  • Full textbooks collection
  • Provides textbooks in different formats

6. Bookboon

Bookboon is a website that especially publishes books on different subjects such as Business, Economics & Finance , Engineering, and IT students. Here you can find the top universities textbooks over the globe.

The interface is attractive and easy to use. You can quickly find the books that you need.


  • Sleek and Simple interface
  • Wide collection of engineering, IT and business textbooks

7. Textbooksfree

It’s a website where you can find free PDF Textbooks for high school students. The simple interface makes users browse their favorite books without any hassle. If you’re a high school student then this is one of the best websites to learn many things online.

In addition, it provides free course materials for high schools like videos as well as you can find all high school subjects like Hindi, English, Arts, Science, etc.

Overall Textbooksfree is a worthy website if you’re a high school student then you have the best choice.


  • Sleek and Simple interface
  • Wide collection of high school students.

8. Free Kids books

Free kids books is mainly focused on K-12 – pre-primary, primary, and secondary education. You can download books online for free in ODF format. Free Kids books are categories for children’s books, textbooks for children and young adults, and literary resources.  The website is only for students, parents, and teachers.


  • Textbooks for K-12 – pre-primary, primary, and secondary education

9. Free-Ebooks.net

Free-Ebooks.net has a wide selection of ebooks, from academic books to fiction, nonfiction, classics, and etcetera. If you signup on this website then you will be able to download up to 5 ebooks per month. Its supports multiple file formats, such as PDF, EPUB, TXT, and KINDLE. To download ebooks you have a PDF reader available. 


  • Supports PDF, EPUB, TXT, and KINDLE.

10. Ebooklibrary

Ebooklibrary is a website where you can find your subject textbook without any hassle. Just enter the textbook name and hit the enter button. Here you can see many different kinds of subjects like History, Business and Finance, Chemistry and so on. You can find not only school textbooks but also college books here.

There are some popular science and fiction books. But one downside is that you can not find many textbooks here.


  • User-friendly interface.
  • Full range of college textbooks

11. Manybooks.net

Manybooks.net was founded in 2004, that offers a free textbooks for students. It has a extensive collection of PDF textbooks that are taken from the Project Gutenberg website. The design of the website is cool and super fast.

You can access all free textbooks with less efforts. Select the book and Just click on the download button and enjoy.


  • Large Range of textbooks
  • Free of cost


Well, the listed PDF Textbooks websites are very popular for pre-primary, primary, high school, and college students. We already mentioned the websites link so select any website that is suitable for you and click on it and find your textbooks and download them in PDF format.

Apart from these sites, you can use Chegg, Litanswers and textsheet to get answers for your homework and school assignments.

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