What Are Some Of The Positive Benefits Of Playing Video Games?

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Whenever you hear about video games in the news, they are typically negative as they associate the games with negative behavior. That can be true in a sense, but there are definitely some positive benefits as well. Today, we are going to dive into a few positive benefits that gamers have over non-gamer people. 

One thing gamers benefit from is the fact that they are competitive and typically are more in tune with making accurate college football picks. Let’s talk and drive a bit deeper into other benefits that playing video games can give you. 

Problem Solving Skills 

This makes a lot of sense as they are going to make you a lot better at problem-solving. Most video games are with the basic premise of solving puzzles in order to get to the next portion of the game. Whether it be a game like Resident Evil or something as simple as Super Mario Brothers, problem-solving is always going to be in video games. 

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Increased Self Confidence

If you are a person who plays video games, you will definitely understand. Imagine being stuck on a specific level due to the difficult nature of your inability to find the solution and how frustrating it can be. 

However, the feeling that you can get once you finally figure out exactly what you are doing is one of the best feelings of euphoria that a person can have, and your self-confidence drastically goes through the roof. 

Even if you are not stuck on a specific level of a video game, the gaming systems have also made a way to increase your self-confidence with the Xbox systems having achievements and the PlayStation systems having trophies. These are essentially ways to congratulate yourself for hitting a specific milestone or completing an event in the game to increase your gamerscore and show it off to your friends. 

This is almost the same exact feeling that you get when you are able to nail a college football picks against the spread pick, as those make you feel like you are on top of the entire world with all the twists and turns that are associated with a football game. 

Ability to Create a Bunch of Relationships

There seems to be a terrible stereotype that video gamers are out of left field, which is that if you play video games, there is an issue of you being able to foster up the ability to create relationships with people.

However, that is certainly not true. According to a study published by the American Psychological Association, they said “More than 70 percent of gamers play with a friend and millions of people worldwide participate in massive virtual worlds through video games,” meaning the loneliness that was previously associated with video games should no longer be there. 

There is a way to connect to old friends through video games, as people would spend countless hours playing with their buddies in order to have a sense of bond and be able to talk whenever something happens. It is a beautiful thing to be a part of and to see happening. 


These are just some of the more obvious positive benefits that a person of any age can have compared to the non-gamers of the world just by turning on a video game and enjoying some fun. There are a bunch more that can happen, but these have an overarching bridge to them that can encompass a lot of other things as well.

What are some of your favorite positive benefits that you get from playing video games?

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