Why Use a Business Consultant to Grow Your Startup?

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Have you been dreaming about starting a business? Do you think you have a product or service that people want and that would set you apart from the competition? It’s great to have big ideas and be positive about your future, but startups face a lot of challenges and risks, especially in those first couple of years. Here in the UK, around 20% of small businesses end up failing in the first year, while 60% go on to fail within the first three years. These stats aren’t meant to scare you into dropping your dream, rather they’re there to act as a reality check so you’re well-informed and prepared.

One way you can help insulate your startup from failure is to hire a business consultant. Here are just some of the many ways a business consultant can help grow your startup.

Get Personalised Advice and Tips

Perhaps you’ve read a bunch of books from experts on how to be a successful entrepreneur, and maybe you even know some small business owners you’ve chatted with. These are great resources but shouldn’t be seen as the be-all and end-all. Hiring a business consultant means you’ll have a personal advisor that is there for you, your needs, your doubts, and your concerns. You are their priority, and they will give you customised advice.

A Business Consultant Can Challenge You

Business consultants are also great at asking hard questions, pointing out the overlooked issues and areas of concern, and helping you to come up with a strategy for dealing with these challenges. You can click here to find out even more about how a business consultant can help you with strategy. Not everyone will be honest with you or even have the insight to know when honesty is needed. 

A business consultant will be candid and won’t be afraid to challenge you when necessary. It’s all about making you think harder, deeper and more critically about business decisions.

Help Speed Up Your Plans

Because your business consultant works as a sounding board, a source of advice and information, and can help you to put together a business plan, they can help the entire process move faster. Growing your startup is much easier when there is a plan in place that you can move through without issue.

They Act as an Accountability Partner

Another compelling reason to use a business consultant is that they insist on accountability. It’s one thing to have these hopes and dreams in your head, but if you’re the only one aware of them there isn’t much accountability. Speaking to a business consultant about your growth plan means you are now accountable to someone. You will need to answer their questions and stick with it.

It Could Be Just What Your Business Needs

Hiring a business consultant to help your startup grow could end up being the soundest business decision you make. Reaching out, and asking for help and support means you’ll be better equipped to handle the challenges that pop up, and you can stay on track with goals and milestones.

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