WOW! Best Packages

Are you looking to find all the details about the best packages that are offered by ‘Wide Open West’ or WOW!? After researching and based on the feedback of 800,000+ users of WOW! internet and cable TV users, we have gathered information about the best packages that are offered by them. WOW! offers their internet, home phone, and cable TV service in only 9 states at the moment and it is a regional provider, but their users have shown satisfaction from their services.

WOW! Best Bundle Package 

Package NameInternet SpeedsNumber of ChannelsInternet Data LimitNumber of Devices Compatible with InternetPromotional Discounted Price for 12 months
The Small PackageUp to 200 MbpsUp to 90+ channelsUnlimited Internet DataUp to3 to 4 devices$69.99 per month on discount
The Medium PackageUp to 500 MbpsUp to 160+ channelsUnlimited Internet DataUp to 5 to 8 devices$124.99 per month on discount
The Large PackageUp to 1000 MbpsUp to 250+ channelsUnlimited Internet DataUp to 10 or more devices$125 per month on discount

Note** The minimum internet speed that is mentioned above might vary depending upon your location. You might get 100 Mbps or 200 Mbps, it depends on the address where you want your services to be installed.

Best features of the small package

This package is an ideal one and the most recommended one by WOW! internet and cable users. You can use the internet that is up to 200 Mbps, you can easily connect up to 4 devices including your laptops, mobile phones, tablets, or IPad. The internet speed in this package will be sufficient for your work, online classes, or entertainment. You can surf and browse as much as you want.

The Internet offered by WOW! is unlimited that allows you to download anything freely. With WOW! cable in the small package you get an amazing channel lineup that includes ABC, FOX, ABS, and many more. You can hook up to the channels that you love the most and catch up on all your favorite shows whenever you get free time.

This package is economical and yet it has a lot to offer. You will only need to pay around $69.99 a month and enjoy the amazing internet speed and an extended channel lineup. The promotional discounts last for 12 months.

Best features of the medium package

The medium bundle package has an ultra-high-speed internet of 500 Mbps that is ideal for people who have extensive internet usage. It supports all types of usage. You can watch videos in 4k with this speed without facing slow internet speed issues. This package is also an ideal pick for larger households.

Connect up to 7 to 8 devices and you will get consistent high speed. You can also easily use a VPN for work and your internet will not work slower. With WOW! cable you get 160+ channels that include DISNEY, ESPN, HISTORY, AMC, A&E, CBC, CNN, and many more. You can kill your free time without getting bored by watching all your favorite sports channels, movies, or series.

This amazing package offers amazing features and the promotional discounted price is only around $124.99 that lasts for 12 months. You also get to use unlimited internet so you may download as much as you want without any data caps.

Best features of the large package

If you want a premium package with extra fast internet speed and an extended channel lineup then, a large bundle package is the best pick for you. If you are an internet geek who wants a speed that guarantees no buffering sign, 1000 Mbps or 1 Gig will suit all your needs.

You can stream 4k videos or play all kinds of games on your gaming stations or PS4 and Xbox. You can connect multiple devices with this high internet speed. With WOW! cable TV you get 250+ channels and all premium channels too like, STARZ, Showtime, Cinemax, HBO, and ESPN.

This package is for people who want premium internet speed and a premium channel lineup. The discounted price for this package is $125 per month that will last for 12 months.

Perks of Choosing WOW! Packages

  • You get to choose a service provider that sets you free from any contracts.
  • WOW! offers a 30 days money-back guarantee.
  • You pay less tax when you have one bill for two services.
  • You get unlimited internet data.
  • WOW! offers a free installation service on online orders that allow you to save up to a $90 installation charge.

Summing it Up,

WOW! offers their services in limited areas but you can take advantage of affordable internet and cable TV provider if you are eligible to get their services. Their process is easy and hassle-free. You also get to save more when you choose the bundle package. Select any package of your choice.

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