How Exam Dumps Can Help You Earn a Prestigious Badge through Microsoft AZ-900 Test?

One of the most in-demand career paths in IT today is cloud computing or anything that has something to do with the cloud. It is a relatively new concept, but businesses are jumping on it because it allows them to be more versatile when it comes to their operations. This is one of the reasons why careers that involve the cloud are getting more attention to it.

Now, if you have an extensive IT background, it does help. Still, most of the concepts don’t necessarily have to refer directly to cloud technology. So, if you’re looking for a career upgrade with cloud computing, you’ll definitely need some help and some fundamental knowledge. The best way for you to achieve that is by obtaining a valuable certification from an IT giant like Microsoft.

Kick start Your Cloud Career with Microsoft Certified in Azure Fundamentals

A badge that newcomers to cloud concepts can avail is the Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals. This Exam-Labs Microsoft credential is an excellent way for you to expand your current knowledge, especially if you’re already involved in non-technical cloud solutions. You can also try to get it even if you have some experience but want to validate your current skills to see if you’re up to date. If to speak about the skills that this certification measures, it focuses on the Microsoft cloud platform and the services and solutions that it offers. Moreover, on the way to becoming accredited you’ll be exposed to concepts like cloud security, privacy, trust, and compliance, which is a bit different than other non-cloud services.

As individuals are gaining a background with various cloud concepts and computing, a lot of career opportunities are going to open up. Even though this is a fundamentals credential, you can slowly but surely inch your way up the IT career ladder as a junior cloud developer. This badge is not a must, but it will greatly assist you in getting the Azure certification of the associate level.

How Do You Earn Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals Badge?

As with most IT certifications, you’ll need to pass an exam to earn this one. In the case of the Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals, the test that you need to overcome is Microsoft AZ-900. This exam is going to measure your knowledge of notions such as general cloud concepts, Azure services, security, privacy, and others.

What concerns the details of this assessment, in the main exam you’ll have to solve 40-60 tasks of various formats within a time limit of 60 minutes. And as with all IT tests, there is a fee involved, and in the case of Certbolt Website URL Here AZ-900, it’s $99. So, it’s not a lot, but still, it’s not free, so there is a good reason for you to pass it on your first try. It’s also an excellent motivation to prepare in the right way so you’ll only have to take this exam once.

What Are Your Microsoft Preparation Options to Pass AZ-900?

Microsoft offers two primary ways to get around this test. The first one is online learning, and the great news is that it’s free. For this option, there are 12 modules that are about 10 hours of content that’s going to guide you and impart the necessary knowledge to tackle exam AZ-900.

The next way is by going the instructor-led route. Find learning partners that are convenient for you, and you can enroll in this course with them. However, this training does come at a cost. But if you’re more comfortable in a classroom setting with an instructor, then this is the best preparation route for you.

On top of these review options, the vendor also offers an official practice test where you’ll be able to familiarize yourself with the types of questions on the different topics of AZ-900. This mock test contains 188 items, which is more than enough to get your ready for your upcoming exam. It comes at a price, though, with 60-day access costing you $109.

Are There Any Other Alternatives for AZ-900 Prep?

You do have some choice when it comes to preparation methods and sources for AZ-900, especially if you’re comfortable with self-paced learning. Numerous platforms offer similar material to the official one, and one of such platforms is

When you visit their site and search for the Microsoft AZ-900, the first thing that you’re going to see is a list of their free exam dumps. They are similar to the Microsoft practice test for AZ-900, but they don’t require any fees. On top of the free braindumps, through you can also have access to the AZ-900 Premium Bundle, which contains a video tutorial of lectures, a study guide, and a premium exam dump that contains 186 questions and answers. These are real questions found on the actual Microsoft AZ-900 exam with the answers verified by IT experts, so you’ll be confident of your responses when the test day comes. The best part of this provider’s exam dumps is that they are regularly updated so that when there is a different set of questions, you’ll know it right away.

However, you’ll be able to do some runs with these dumps only if you utilize the VCE Player. Practicing with this educational software regularly will allow you to improve your test-taking skills and time management so you can be sure that you’re going to answer all the questions in the main exam within the allotted time.


The exam dumps on will definitely help you achieve your Microsoft AZ-900 goals by helping you pass it on your first try. They are also going to help you reach your career goals since you’ll be a step closer to earning your Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals badge. Once you obtain it, a lot of career opportunities will open up, and you’ll also have chances to move up the career ladder by specializing in other cloud and Azure technologies.