21 Best FREE Websites to Watch Anime Online in 2021

Are you an anime lover? still, looking for free anime websites in 2021? If so then this is the place where we will provide you various collection of anime you can watch animated movies, Tv shows, cartoons online for free.

Easily you can find these websites with the help keyword like drama, action, horror, kids and so many. 

In this global era everyone has anime lover specially kids are like to watch anime online.

But if you don’t know how to choose an best anime website then we will let you know read out full article. 

Best anime sites to watch anime online with features

1) 9anime

9anime is a platform that makes it easier for you to watch an anime.

It provides high quality anime in various categories, such as action, comedy, drama, game, and more.

Most of you prefer this website because it has less advertisement.

You will get the latest update, fast streaming even though no interrupting while watching anime.

You can search anime by their rate, genre, new episode, year, quality, type, etc.

It helps you to watch recent anime movies, TV series, shows, and Original Video Animation (OVA).

Also, you can request for anime that you want to watch.

On this website, you have no download option.

2) Gogoanime

GoGoAnime is accessible globally, allow you to watch all kinds of anime content like horror, action, cars, drama, games, kids, and so on.

In addition, it is a well-organized anime fan website featuring lots of collections from the Manga series to anime movies.

The good viewing experience includes dubbed episodes in English and available cartoon clips.

If you are like to watch recent releases, dub, and Chinese animation series then you can go this site.

In this site some episodes with a non-subtitle version are uploaded.

On this website, free downloading is possible.

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3) Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is a free website for anime that included all types of anime available like Titan Attack, Yuri on Ice, Naruto, and so on.

You should give ratings to the animation series you’ve watched.

It is a legal website to watch anime series but you need to subscribe to a premium membership to get new features.

The site has a great UI, it has a massive library of anime, drama, etc. It makes it easy for you to post Facebook and Twitter videos. 

The languages supported are English, Dutch, French, Italian, and more.

 4) AnimeDao

Animedao is a famous place for anime movies to watch a wide anime series with drama-to-action styles.

You can search in English and Japanese for your favorite animated videos.

AinmeDao also provides the dubbed versions of all the old and new anime films and series subbed and dubbed in English.

There is a separate section for a genre that includes drama, comedy, action, game, horror, magic and so many.

The platform has dark and light themes which attracts the users.

If you want then you can bookmark the videos and Browse in alphabetical order for the animation.

 5) Funimation

Funimation is the best legal anime streaming website, well-designed with an outstanding collection of Japanese anime.

You can watch the subbed version for free, but for subbed version you must have to pay.

You can stream thousands of episodes of new to old anime for free.

Original content with high definition

Best Anime and Book shops

It allow you to watch the latest releasing dubbed international content such as anime, television shows, series, etc.

6) Animeheaven

AnimeHeaven is the best online platform for anime, where you can stream anime online free of charge.

No uploading, no surveys, and just instant premium anime streaming.

The newest anime & high quality anime for you.

AnimeHeaven has a responsive mobile friendly interface you can enjoy your favorite anime.

There is no advertisement while anime series are nicely arranged within categories.

It has a famous series like One Piece, Hunter X Hunter, and Naruto.

You can download any anime that you want from this website as long as they can be found.

You can not only enjoy anime series online also download them to your local files.

7) Animefreak

The home page of Anime Freak really has a decent and good Japanese theme.

On Anime Freak, both dubbed and original series versions are available.

In addition, you can find exclusive material that can’t be found on other sites.

You can watch thousands of dubbed and subbed anime episodes including Dragon Ball Super, Attack on Titan, Naruto Shippuden, One Piece etc.

The Android app for Anime Freak is now available in the app store.

8) Hulu

You should try Hulu if you want high-quality videos and a wide variety of picked anime films or series.

Unfortunatly Hulu is not yet usable in all parts of the world.

If you are located in the US, UK, Europe, and some parts of Asia, then you can easily access the hulu.

You may need to use VPN services elsewhere.

 Downloading is also minimal.

You can stream a large Library of 80,000+ TV episodes and movies.

It has popular documentaries, new to old classic movies, past episodes available.

9) Masterani

Masterani is another great site to Watch Anime Movies and TV Shows for free.

You can stream your favorite Anime Series and Movies with Eng Sub updated daily-wise on Masterani.

The website has User-friendly interface.

It is one of the fastest sites for streaming anime, without any registration or additional information you can used.

Based on feedback and ratings, you can get data about the anime.

You can search for anime series with unlimited streaming using this page.

10) Chia-anime

Chia anime is the popular platform for anime that allows you to easily watch the new and all-time favorite anime. 

It offers a list of genres for adventure, humor, sorcery, space, etc.

You can watch the latest anime series with ease.

You can watch some of the most famous and recent movies.

The speed of the update is 10 times faster than on other sites.

Chia-Anime does not host any content on his server.

All stuff and videos are uploaded by users to third party services.

You can easily navigate through Chia-Anime, with an excellent GUI that allows you to search for anime based on various categories.

11) Anime Lab

Anime Lab is a collection of popular anime, subbed, and dubbed.

It helps you to watch movies that have been recently added.

After a few hours of broadcasting, this site streams the latest shows.

It provides various genres such as behavior, adventure, action, drama, horror, idol, drama, etc.

You can watch your favorite movies, Tv shows from your Android phones, iPhone, and PCs.

It allows thousands of episodes to be watched.

12) Anime Take

Anime take is a great website to watch free series, movies, and English subtitles.

 It has a large collection of anime movies you can watch your favorite movies that you want.

Also, you can send requests for new anime.  

Without any hassle, you can conveniently access this website.

You will get updates about upcoming animated movies.

It offers different categories such as action, drama, adventure, comedy, and so on.

13) Animefrenzy

Animefrenzy is a website to watch English subbed and dubbed best anime site for you 720p and 1080p.  You can also enjoy your animated movies on your mobile phone.

Provides a list of the clips.

You can find popular animated clips without any problems.

It allows you to watch the latest anime without any hassle.

It Offers categories like anime, cartoons, movies, and more.

14) Soul Anime

Soul Anime is a website that can be used to watch animations free of charge. It offers Anime like Black Clover, Dragon Ball Heroes, New Fairy Tail Series Subbed Online.

The Platform comes with an amazingly collection of the recent Anime series and episodes.

Offers a list of anime.

Search for your interesting movie with ease.

15) Narutoget

This is one of the best anime sites in the world. It has a wide selection of anime content that will surely keep you fulfilled and stuffed all the time.

Stream or browse any content you like free of cost.

Everyone can use this website anywhere you are in the world.

16) Side Reel

Find top rated Japanese anime ,TV series, most watched and Most Tracked TV Shows on SideReel.

You can use it to access links to shows, reviews, ratings, and schedules.

Quickly search showtimes, airdates, and more.

Check for comedy, adventure, fantasy, and more.

This site is offering free anime shows.

You can get the episode alerts.

17) My Anime List

The site gives its users a list-like system to organize and score anime and manga. You can find top anime, most popular anime, seasonal anime on my anime list.

You will get a reminder about the upcoming movie.

It helps you to search for movie character clips.

My Anime List lets you watch promotional videos.

18) Asian Crush

If you’re a Asian movies and drama, then this place for you. From the Chinese martial arts to the Japanese anime, both streams in one place.

It also has a blog that gives the latest updates to the Asian industry.

It has Chinese series, anime, c-dramas

It’s available on all platforms, i.e. Apple, Android, Amazon Fire

You can filter search by type, country, or theme.

19) Anime-planet

Anime planet is a website that allows you to stream anime online free of charge.

This website delivers 45,000 animated series.

It lets you create your own anime collection.

Users can browse all sorts of manga and anime databases, reviews of various anime by fans, and suggestions.

Compatible with various computers, such as laptops, smartphones and iOS devices.

20) kissanime

Kissanime is an anime streaming platform for viewing anime movies. This site features an advanced filter to search for your video by name, genres, and status.

Kissanime offers free anime at all qualities from 240p to 1080p

You should ask for your favorite animation clips.

You can watch anime offline.

It has aAdvanced filter search

It points out genres like action, humor, dub, adventure, and more.

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21) Tubi

Tubi is a collection of Japanese movies.

You can stream movies, tv shows as well as anime in high quality. 

You can search for animated movies from classic blockbusters to new movies.

It provides a library of the oldest through the most recent collection.

You can easily search shows and movies.

It supports Android and iPhone devices.

You can easily display the most famous and newly added clips.

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