Modded APK Sites | APK Files In 2021

Are you looking for mod apk sites in 2021? If so then you’re in right place here we’ll share with you modded apps (apk files).

Modded apps are those cracked apps that give you the right to access all of an app’s features in terms and conditions of developers. An APK file contains all the code assets, resources, manifest file, certificates for that program and it can be installed on Android OS. You can download APK files, or modded apps on your Android phone using those websites. Check out the below mentioned list.

Best Mod APK Sites 2021

Enlisted below are the Mod APK sites that are highly popular among the users.

Comparison Mod APK Sites



No. of Visitors



Star Rating


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Android Apps & Games, Offline Games, Classic HD Remastered Games, PSP Optimized Games




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Modded APK Apps & Games for Android



APK Magnet

Android Games& apps




Modded APK Apps & Games for Android



Happy Mod

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Pirated Hub

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#1) APKmodmarket

APKmodmarket is a website that offers various apps and games. It provides unlocked and free versions of apps, as well as modded mobile game versions. On this Site, you can direct download all types of android mobile apps, games, launchers, etc to your mobile devices.

This is the free website you don’t need to pay any single penny for apps and games.


  • It is the clean and safe user friendly interface.
  • You can find apps, games, software and other apps very easily.
  • You can find latest posts and apps.

 Verdict: APKmodmarket is the all in one place to find out the best apps and games very easily.


APKMB is one of the most popular sites for cracked Android apps today. It allows users to download cracked apps, modded games, and streaming apps such as Media Lounge, PC Apps, PC Software and Top Paid Apps Pack.

There is no need to create an account you can simply use APKMB to download an unlimited number of applications.


  • Very simple neat and clean interface.
  • On homepage all apps are listed.
  • With the help of search box you can find any apps and games.

Verdict: If youre looking for cracked APK, PC software then APKMB is the good place.

#3) Moddroid

Website Link:

Moddroid is a wonderful website for downloading mods. It has a large number of gaming applications of various genres. You will never be bored with Moddroid because the site provide latest updated for games and apps.

Non-gaming applications are also available, making your smartphone and tablet the ultimate entertainment system. As a result, we consider Moddroid to be one of the best sites for modded apps.


  • Moddroid provides the various generes like Action, Board, card, casual, puzzle, music, racing, strategy, logic, and otherso on.
  • In game section you can see the latest updates, new release, popular and trending.
  • In editors choice setion you will get the best games and apps “pick” by the editors.

Verdict: This is the all in one website easily you can find everything.


APK4All is a fantastic resource for finding the best Trending MOD APKs in 2021. It has a unique collection of all types of games and apps that you can use on your phone or tablet.

The site is well-designed, as you can choose from a wide range of APKs organized by different categories like Comics, Books and References, Business, Beauty, shopping, Music & Audio, Finance, and so on. Also, you can request Apps and Games.


  • It has a simple user friendly interface.
  • All categories listed on homepage
  • You can find android tv , movies apps for free.

Verdict: If you’re find the Adult +18 APK then APK4all the best place for you.

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#5) APKCombo

Are you looking for games, apps, and APKs? Then you’re in right place. APKCombo is one of the best places to download mod apk. It’s the best way to find and download the content that you want.

This platform has the advantage of supporting several languages for countries such as the United States, Indonesia, South Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, India, Brazil, Turkey, and Russia.  


  • APKCombo has same interface like Moddroid.
  • There are most of the lamguages available like, English, hindi, Indonesia,turkiye, italiano and so on.
  • You can set the location.

Verdict: Are you looking for Pubg mobile lite? Then APKCombo is best option for you.


APKMODY is a website you can easily find and download millions of free APK apps and games, both original and modded. They provide users with speed, security, and friendliness. You can also find guides for Android, iOS, and Windows, as well as a wealth of other useful material, every day. You can use the search box to find what you’re searching for or check categories to see what’s new this week.

The website has a vast collection of apps and games that you can download any kind of app for free.


  • Only Vietnamese and English language available.
  • Use the search button to find what you’re looking for.
  • browse our categories to see what’s out there for the past week.

Verdict: If youre looking for Speed, safety and friendliness APK then APKMODY is stop solution for you.

#7) AndroPalace

AndroPalace is a one-stop destination for the most up-to-date apps and games. Once you’ve entered the website, you’ll notice that there are a number of offline games and Classic HD Remastered Games available for you to play on your computer. AndroPalace is a great place to find free top games and apps for users.

We can honestly attest to the high quality of the apps and games available. Also they guide you to how to Download and install games on your devices.


  • It offers Great Apps and Games Comes with Amazing MOD Features and Tweaks.
  • It provides different categories included action, music, finance, racing, puzzle, simulation, role playing and son on.
  • Easily you can find any Apps and games that youre looking for.

Verdict : Are you searching for offline android games? If so then AndroPalace is good destination for you.

#8) Androeed

Androeed is an excellent resource for finding modded PC games and smartphone gaming apps. The default language is Russian, but you can easily translate it to English using Google Translate. This website is chock-full of fantastic applications and APKs that you can use on any smartphone. Here you can find New games & apps, paid version games, offline games and games with built-in cache, Also.

The site has a very simple UI interface with dark mode available.


  • In menu section you can see the categories like software, games, and forum.
  • You can use forum then post new topic related to apps, software, games and that you want.
  • The website available in English and Russian language.

Verdict: If youre looking for Destruction games and Dynamic shooters then Androoed is best place for you.

#9) APKHere

APKHere is an infamous mod apk sites all-in-one resource available in various languages and popular for  cracked apps and games. It’s also a good place to find apps for your smartphone and computer. You can easily searching for apps and games that you want for free.


  • The website available in various languages.
  • You can find the latest updates and recommend apps and games.
  • With the help of a search box, you can find any app that you want.

Verdict: APKHere is the popular website over the world you can search any app that you want.

#10) APKDone

APKdone is the best Downloader for MOD APK files like Modded games & apps for Android · APKdone has Clash of Clans, Minecraft, Shadow Fight 2, RFS, and other popular games are available on APKdone.

Then there’s the fact that they’re all modded apps. When you use this website, you will have access to a large number of cracked applications.

#11) APK Magnet

APK Magnet is a website where you can download free new Android MOD Games and Apps. Also on your Android smartphone, you can download Clash of Clans, Golf Clash, Chapters, and Asphalt 8 mod apk and enjoy unlimited features and in-app purchases.

If you don’t know how to install an apk file, you can either follow the tutorial or download the software directly.

#12) APKsum

Are you looking for a place that offers a modded Clash of Clans? If so then this is the place where you can get the latest update games and apps. If you don’t have the stamina to grind, these apps will help you level up quickly. You can also use this platform to get free VPNs, utility apps, and other work-related apps.

APKsum has an excellent user interface everyone can access very easily and all games and apps are well categories on the homepage.

#13) Happy Mod

Happy Mod is a place for you to enjoy modded and cracked apps on your mobile. There are several apps and games available for free so you can choose that you want.

With Happy Mod, you can enjoy a variety of gaming, entertainment, and other apps.

#14) Pirated Hub

Pirated Hub is the place where you can find gaming applications, PC software, VPN, Photo Editor, Video Editor, and so on. If you’re looking for a good mod apk site then this is the stop solution for you. However, you should be aware that the web uses pop-ups, so be careful when closing them.

Pirated Hub, provides a variety of genres, which is why it made our list of the Best Sites for Modded apk sites.

#15) AN1

AN1 is a great website where you can download modded apps for touchscreen devices and cracked software for PCs and laptops. Aside from serving as a download portal, it also features consumer and gamer reviews of the most popular devices to hit the market.

Having said that, AN1 is unquestionably one of the best places to find almost everything.

#16) A2ZAPK

A2ZAPK is a great place to download modded apps in categories like fitness, photography, games, utilities, educational, and more. With A2ZAPK, you can download the most recent updated apps and APKs.

You can enjoy the latest modded apps and APKs with A2ZAPK.

#17) DLAndroid

DLAndroid is another valuable source of modded apps. You can download a wide range of apps, including sports, apps, PC applications, and more.

#18) RexDL

RexDL is well-known for being a destination for modded apps. It has a lot of cracked games, ad-blockers, music players, photo and video editors, and other stuff.

We’ve been updating this list on a regular basis so you can find better cracked platform for downloading a modded apps. So bookmark this page if you want to update the new mod apk sites. Checkout Best Sites for Safe Android APK Downloads

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